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  1. ccorwin
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    I'm having difficulties getting my main/home page to display properly. There is a long story behind this but I'm going to keep it as short as possible:

    1. I purchased a company called Horse Family Magazine. The website (www.horsefamilymagazine.net_ was hosted at HostGator….all my sites are at GoDaddy so I had the domain transferred to GoDaddy, with no problem.
    2. During this time, I built a NEW site on http://www.horsefamilymagazine.net (also hosted at GoDaddy). Everything was working perfectly with the template I had purchased and installed from SoloStream on the .net site.
    3. When I had the .net site looking exactly like I wanted it, GoDaddy walked me through a very lengthy process of changing the primary URL within my WP site from http://www.horsefamilymagazine.net TO http://www.horsefamilymagazine.com. They sent me a list of how to change permalinks, etc., and everything is working great EXCEPT….
    4. My featured article slider and my youtube slider….it takes FOREVER to load these two items…the little circle just spins and spins…and finally loads.
    5. GoDaddy is at a loss as is SoloStream. SoloStream suggested I upload & active WP-Super Cache which I did. The pages are loading much faster BUT, I still have the same problem.

    If you visit, http://www.horsefamilymagazine.com, you'll see what I mean.

    I was set to launch this on Monday but now I don't know…..does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

    Thanks in ADVANCE for any help!

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