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  • So having no understanding of the back-end of my own website (please understand that I had a web designer when this started- a personal friend who basically went MIA…)

    And it was brought to my attention that the main page of my site- does not seem to allow you to move to the next series of pages. (I know I’m doing a terrible job of describing this.)

    At the bottom of the main page- there are clickable options for pages 1, 2, all the way to 66, as well as a NEXT button. But when clicked upon, despite changing the web address in the address bar to /page/2/ (etc) the content does not move to the next series of viewable content.

    This does not happen on any of my other sub-pages.

    If you start out on a page- /category/reviews/ (or news or interviews, etc.) and you click on any of the next-page clickables at the bottom, when the click loads, it does reflect the next series of pages like it should.

    I have no idea how this happened or even where to begin to look (or what to do if I find what’s malfunctioning) to correct this…

    If anyone has any suggestions- for someone who does not speak website-back-end or any kind of programming of the like- please let me know!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I’m not one hundred percent sure but your RSS feed only shows the same number of posts the main page is showing. Is that due to the settings? Or is that the total posts you actually have? (I used your RSS feed to get an idea of the articles available).

    Some people set the number of posts and the number of RSS feeds the same but I always set the number of posts shown to what feels comfortable and the number in the RSS feed to 30ish while presenting excerpts instead of full posts there.

    Full posts in RSS is a waste and annoying to many RSS users. They like the quick summary that they can then can follow back to read the rest if interested. That also means anyone aggregating your content via RSS shows the full post and their visitors are not directed back to you.

    These settings are in the…

    Dashboard –> Settings –> Reading section

    Back to your actual problem… if you only have a handful of posts that would just fill the first page then there are no pages for your pagination to use and I think that fancier pagination setup you have is either a theme function or a plugin.

    I looked at the plugins you have that I could see but didn’t see anything related to the problem you have.

    Answer back if you wish with the number of total posts you have published and anything else. I’m thinking you probably should also reach out to your theme author at this point.

    That is the and this is all I found for support. That theme mentions plugins for features so figure the pagination might be their plugin at that.

    Let us know if we can help you further!

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