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  • I went to look at my blog today and something is amiss. Above the header, the links are shifted like they don’t fit across. The top right hand text and the “I am” text is all wrong and below the posts, inside the brown box, it starts to go shifty part way down the page. If I click on a post, to go to the permalink (I guess that is what it is called) everything shows up as it should…why would my main page be all screwy.

    one more aside…when I make my files writeable, should I undo that after I am finished with them and redo it each time I go to work in the theme editor.

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  • There are 285 validation errors:

    Probably it’s a lot fewer than that because when you sort one out you sometimes sort twenty of them. But I’d start there.

    The menu’s only a problem depending on what size the font-size in the browser is set to. If the font size is increased it just doesn’t fit in the space available. I’m afraid I don’t see the other problems you mentioned — they may be browser-specific. I’m on OS X with Firefox 2.

    Thanks for taking a look,
    I haven’t a clue how to fix validation errors. I don’t know how to find line so and so etc. I just don’t know how it was working all along and just today went berserk. I also use firefox 2 and I am seeing it all messed. only on the first main page of course. I put font size to normal, didn’t change the links above the header but it did make my posts so msall I can’t read them. This means now that I will have to set them a different size..
    btw..i see you are using the hemmingway model..I really wanted to use that awhile really is nice and clean…site looks good.

    Ah, the mysteries of the web!

    To find the validation errors select the option on the validation page that allows you to see the output. Then you’ll know what “line 21” or whatever is.

    Then you need to look at the context that line’s in (what text, images, etc are around it) and from that figure out whether it corresponds to the header, sidebar, or whatever.

    And *then* you need to figure out what’s wrong, which is not always obvious. Something as simple as having an html tag in capitals or having tags wrongly nested can throw up a whole bunch of errors. You can always ask here if you can’t figure something out yourself.

    I like the Hemmingway theme too. This is the only site I’ve set up which isn’t heavily customized. I’ve just made a few tweaks from the original.

    Yes I found that pasting the page source in notepad2 worked, well somewhat..lines dont always match. What I can’t figure is the validator tells me that a tag is improperly placed but I never put a tag there ie: <p> tags..I never put that tag in front of a post when i write it..It is like the blog is doing it’s own weird thing when I post it or make changes..why suddenly today is it acting foolish..I am tempted to reload the theme and go through all the bloody changes again..I have a feeling it might be partly the that possible..and why just the main page..
    did you scroll down and see the brown boxes change..the images that make up the box shift and the words inside..comment etc are all skewed..I am going nuts..maybe I will just switch to another theme,,i love this one htough

    ok now I have given up trying to find the answer and am stuck on your site about buddhism etc..I love it.

    > What I can’t figure is the validator tells me that a tag is improperly placed but I never put a tag there ie: <p> tags

    No need for notepad. Use the validator, check the box that says “Show source”, hit “revalidate” and right, right, right down at the bottom of the page you’ll see all the code for the page on numbered lines.

    WordPress does add tags. If you’re using either the visual editor or the text editor it’ll add <p> tags. But it’s not the <p> tags that are the problem. The validator can’t necessarily tell what the root problem is and so it’ll tell you everything that’s wrong.

    In fact what’s going on with that first error is that the paragraph starting “In Feb. 2004 I tried the Atkins diet” and the list of links that follow are wrapped in <h4></h4> tags. If you look at the code it’s pretty obvious (at least to the half-trained eye). In fact that error seems to crop up again and again, so I presume it’s in your template and not a problem with your posts. (In case you don’t know you can’t have a paragraph inside a heading.)

    There are h5’s doing the same kind of thing.

    Ah, so you found out my true identity! Enjoy the site! (I should really be looking for the code error that’s making it display wrongly in IE, but I’m scared even to start looking). I did, however, finally upgrade it to 2.2.2 this afternoon.

    Oh, and the boxes are gray to me, so I was confused. They are funny, but that also might be a validation thing.



    Thanks I will check all that out..I also hate doing this as it takes up my time I should be money in blogging for me I am afraid, haha..



    I contacted the author of the theme to ask for guidance through his comment box on the theme and he removed it, no answer..



    My other blog uses the same theme, I checked the source and it also uses a >p> tag inside heading tags and it works fine..I have a feeling it is something in a wordpress file somewhere. I thought of overwriting my wordpress files again except for admin and archives but I am afraid I don’t know enough about each files responsibility to the site to do it, afraid I guess..



    OMG, Ok now I feel like a dunce…..I decided to have a look at the post down the page that had the first sign of something screwy in the box underneath..In that post were tags <code> etc that I didn’t put there…I removed it all and voila, it works now…whew…this is resolved…



    Even if the p tag inside headings works, it’s still semantically wrong and with as many errors as you have your site is bound to display wrongly on some browsers.

    Remember also that some of the people using your site will be visually handicapped and will be using screen readers to tell them what’s on the page. It’s not very helpful to them if they’re being told something is a header when it isn’t.

    But I’m glad you found the bug that was causing the problems.

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