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  • I’m using the PORTO theme and have for years. Something has caused the main navigation menu’s sub menu items to longer link to anything. You click them and nothing happens. You can, however, see where the link is pointing to as it is displayed as normal at the bottom of the browser. You can also right click the submenu item and “open in new tab/window” and it works fine on IOS – just on on any computer regardless of browser.

    I don’t have the theme active now as I had to switch to any of the plethora of other themes and they work fine….

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    Since that is a commercial theme, we ask that you please go to their official support channel, so you can get support from the people who know it best:

    Forum volunteers do not have access to commercial products, so they would not know why it is not working correctly. Other community members who may have faced your issue might be able to help you, but your best bet is your product’s developer. We encourage you to use the official support venues, as it allows the developers to be aware of issues with their code and gives back to the community in a more robust way.

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