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    Not sure if this is related to the theme or Explorer:

    When working on my laptop (actually an old XP netbook) I use Firefox (version 27.0.1) but when testing my website on IE8 I found that the main menu didn’t appear, just a box saying ‘Site Menu’.

    I’ve been playing around with the Main Menu Top Margin and currently have it at 10px but even when I tried setting it to 100px the main menu wasn’t displayed.

    I’ve tested my website in Chrome and the main menu appears correctly at 10px.

    I’ve had similar on websites when using a smartphone etc, but didn’t expect it on my netbook and so I wondered whether I’ve gone and set something wrong.

    Has anybody else happened upon this issue?

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    I just viewed my demo site on my other laptop which is running a true IE 8 browser and the menu appears as it should and then goes into the mobile button once the window sizes down.

    I’m thinking you might have your browser in compatibility mode or something? This mode IE has is actually poorly done and in my opinion, does not work very well.

    Also, what version of Celestial Lite are you using?

    Hi, it could well be. I never (hardly ever) use IE anymore so I’ll check any settings and report back.

    Re versions, I uploaded Celestial Lite 1.1.0 to my host.


    Hi, I’ve had a quick look at my IE8 settings and when in compatibility view I get a very wide box saying Site Menu, whereas when I deselect compatibility view (no tick) I get the smaller box saying Site Menu.

    This isn’t as such a query for me, more for how my site renders when others using IE would see it.

    Perhaps it’s due to the version I’m running on my netbook and not anything related to the theme itself?

    BTW, I’ve only just reaiseed we’re up to IE11 – perhaps that’s where my problem lies.

    On re-reading your reply I’ve just thought – perhaps the problem is caused by the size of the display on my netbook.

    I’ll test this later on my PC – that’s Win7 with a bigger screen and therefore if the issue doesn’t repeat it was due to screen size.

    Will report back later.

    Having checked on my Win 7 PC I can confirm the menu appears correctly on that.

    The issue therefore was not with the theme but with how my XP running netbook presents the page, which is due to screen sizes and something I don’t know too much about.

    I guess it shows how useful it is to have lots of viewing options and how we can’t ever ‘guarantee’ how our websites will appear to the user.

    Updated as resolved.

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    Interesting XP would do that…I’ve been reading how Microsoft is trying to get people off XP now because support for it is ending, as well, IE8 is coming to an end soon as well.

    However, thanks for the update info. Cheers.

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