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    I downloaded this theme a few days ago and i love it! almost everything goes pretty awesome.

    I have some troubles with the main layout settings with this theme. I set the layout as followed: left sidebar, main, right sidebar. everything goes well in firefox and IE but in chrome it gives me some troubles.

    If you load the website you will get te left sidebare under the main, the main part is to the left and there is a gap between de main en the right sidebar (i have some screenshots if you want to see them please let me know). How can i solve this problem?

    Hope to hear from you!

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  • Theme Author ronangelo


    I just tested some sites with the same layout and they display just fine on chrome. Since you seem to be the only one with this issue I don’t think showing a screenshot would help. We need to see the site. Could you post the link here? If that’s not possible you could just message me the url on my blog’s contact page.

    Yes i can. you can find the website over here. Please try a few times. A friend of mine has it more than me. Thank you!

    Theme Author ronangelo


    I checked it on chrome and it looks fine, left-sidebar is on the left and right-sidebar on the right. Although the text widget on the left sidebar is empty.

    If the left sidebar is on the bottom when you view it, then it’s probably a cache issue with your chrome browser. Try to clear your browser cache. Also, you’re using the latest version of chrome right?

    That is odd, I updated google to the latest version (I had 27….. now 30) and cleard all the cash from chrome. But nothing changed. It’s not only me my friend aslo has the same problem at his place. And if i want show the website to everybody is also has to work on a few older versions as well. Even webmaster tools from google is confused.

    I took the liberty to make a small html page with the screenshots. You can find that overhere to see the problem

    It is correct that the left sidebare is empty, but with a full one it acts the same

    Theme Author ronangelo


    What I’m seeing is the same as the 3rd image. It’s displaying correctly. I really can’t tell what’s causing it to display that way in your case cause I can’t see it happening when I test it.

    – Is this happening consistently all the time?
    – Have you edited the theme files?
    – Is version 1.0.6 the first one you installed or have you used an older version before then updated?
    – You got the theme here at, right?

    Check this site it has the same layout and widths as yours. See if it displays correctly on your end.

    I also checked your site on and on the thumbnails the layout issue is showing IF the server is set to Netherlands. It is showing correctly on New York server but it doesn’t even load on Texas. So I’m guessing that this could be a server issue.

    Thank you for your reply.

    – It is happening every time I try in google chrome.
    – I didn’t edit the theme files.
    – I saw the theme for the first time after version 1.06, so that is the one I installed
    – I got the theme at wordpress.
    – If I try it with the website you gave me I don’t have the problem.

    Before this theme is tried a lot of other themes, is it possible that it has something to do with that?

    If find it very weird that every time I try it I have the problem (I go to the website, no problems. But when I refresh I get the error (on every page) and you don’t see it at all.

    Will it help if I deleted the theme and download it again?

    Theme Author ronangelo


    – If I try it with the website you gave me I don’t have the problem.

    Since the site I mentioned above works for you then it must be something specific to your site that’s is causing this.

    Will it help if I deleted the theme and download it again?

    It could, try it. In addition to that you could disable all the plugins temporarily if you have any.

    Are you also using any form of server protection? IP blocking, CloudFlare, etc?

    So far as I know I am not using any form of server protection.

    I had contact with our provider and they claim that it isn’t the server. But I don’t get the feeling they looked at it very well.

    Also I deleted the theme (more than one time) and it is still not showing correctly. Do you know where I can delete the saved settings from the theme? I want to start fresh but every time it is showing exactly what is was.

    Theme Author ronangelo



    Do you know where I can delete the saved settings from the theme?

    On the database it’s saved under ‘frontier_theme’ located on ‘wp_options’ table. You can also just click the “Restore Defaults” button on the Frontier Options page. I don’t think this would help you though, since the only thing of importance there is the width values and your widths appear correctly.

    I had contact with our provider and they claim that it isn’t the server. But I don’t get the feeling they looked at it very well.

    I’m more inclined to believe that this is a server issue. As I mentioned previously, your site displays differently depending on the location of the visitor.

    Check your site here:
    Click Settings. You’ll see on the thumbnail that the issue appears when the pingdom test server is set to “Netherlands”. The site shows correctly if the server is set to “New York”. However, if you set the test server to “Texas”, the site doesn’t load at all which means visitors from that area can’t access your site.

    Also probably related, your nameservers don’t seem to work properly as seen here:

    Thanks again. I have checked the website and I can confirm with you that I also have the same problem that the websites doesn’t show on the Texas server.

    I don’t understand de concept of the second site you gave me. Maybe I do understand it, but every website that I put in gives red crosses everywhere (google, dutch newssites, big stores, enz). So I think that one isn’t working (from here).

    I send another email to my hosting provider. I hope to hear from them soon

    Hi, Thanks for al you help!

    Our hosting doesnt want to put any more effort in it. I don’t know how to fix it so we have decided to use another theme. A shame because i liked yours very much!

    Thanks for all you help!

    I had the same problem with this theme, my hosting would also put no effort to it, so i had to take another theme, it is a shame.

    I now am searching for anather nice theme, en for the time i took this one, see ,

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