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  • i wish the main index page wasnt split into includes… i know i may be a stupid anti-php sounding retard for saying that.. but it makes it so much more difficult and complicated to modify…i had almost no trouble with the last wordpress + kubrick package modifying things.. now i have to open up like 10 files just to fix stuff up and it makes more work for me…so i think next version, index.php should be all one file… header, body, sidenav, footer, all wrapped up together.

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  • I doubt you’ll get what you want in the next version, as I and many people like the new format. However, you can just edit the files back to one file if you really want. Just copy and paste the stuff out of their respective files and paste where it makes the function call.

    i know.. but i’d rather just complain about it.. 😉


    Actually, I hated the idea at first, but now that I’ve been working with it, I have to admit that I really like it. One, it makes it easier to fix just the thing needing fixing. And two, I can use multiple headers, sidebars, and other pieces for different categories or ways of doing things without a lot of stress and strain.

    The first thing I recommend is that you go through each template file and put a comment code at the top and bottom of each one that identifies what this is. For example:

    <!--sidebar file begins-->
    blah blah code and tags
    <!--sidebar file ends-->

    And then go through every DIV and class and identify where it ends with another tag:

    <!--sidebar menu ends-->

    When you generate a test post, you can view the source and see where everything is as it is now identified. It really helps a lot.

    Also, I know you know your stuff, but this is a big change and way of thinking, so take time to go through the WordPress Codex documentation as there are a lot of great articles in there that will help you do much of what you are doing step by step.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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