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  • This might actually be my very first review… It’d been a while since I looked into analytics plugins for my site. MonsterInsights seems to be the go to plugin. I installed it, connected it and used it for a little bit. However I quickly got tired of the overwhelming upsell that’s happening in the plugin! What a CRAPPY experience. I get it, I don’t get all the features. If I click on something that I don’t have access to, then you can let me know I can upgrade. But holy crap, just continuously offering to upgrade, what a pain. I ended up deleting the plugin.
    This morning, I figured I’d give it another try after checking out Analytify. That plugin isn’t bad, but the free version doesn’t seem to display a graph. I couldn’t get MonsterInsight to reconnect to Google so I decided to try yet another: ExactMetrics. Started to install and use, and what happens? MASSIVE UPSELL AGAIN!!! Looked familiar too, it actually looked exactly like MonsterInsights and had the exact same pricing and sale going on. Dang it, ExactMetrics was purchased by MonsterInsights. I’ve read that ExactMetrics used to be a great plugin but now it’s just a sales platform for MonsterInsights. What a shame. I guess I’m going back to Analytify.
    Dang it MonsterInsights. You’d be a good plugin if only you weren’t so annoyingly pushy!! And I WOULD buy a license from you but $199 a year for the cheapest option?! Even half off with your current sale, that’s a big pill to swallow for most little websites out there.

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  • Hey Guillaume!
    I’ve just read this review and I’m losing all my hopes to find the right plugin for the purpose.
    I’m not sure I want to download MonsterInsights anymore after reading this, however, looking at Analytify reviews I get shivers.. have you read them? apparently it really sucks, it slows down the site, can get you viruses and most importantly. Plus, the support is so crap according to the feedback I read and also by the developers’ answers. Not a chance I’ll download that.
    Do you have another option? It’s so hard to find the right match.
    Please let me know as I’m looking for this plugin desperately!
    Thank you

    Ha! This is news to me, lovely… I haven’t had an issue with Analytify (yet I guess). It wouldn’t appear to have slowed my site down. I’m just using the free version and I honestly haven’t done my due diligence and combed through the reviews. You seem to know more than I do, and I now feel like I have to look into it too. You’re saying people are getting viruses? On their site?
    Anyhow, the free version is just that, free and without many features. It just shows some stats with numbers, not graphs. I don’t know of another good stats plug-in, nor have I done extensive research. These 3 seem to be the main ones. If analytify is a no-go, I might abandon stats plug-in and just use Google analytics separately. What a shame.

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