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    Hi, 1 month ago I bought the premium version of the plugin and programmed the main formula. That worked fine, all products were calculated correctly.
    Last week something happend. I though to be wise and remove al de-activated plugins. So…also the main plugin of UNI-CPO, since it was de-activated the moment I installed the premium version.

    “All of a sudden” the main formula does not work anymore. That is very strange. The CPO-fields who need to be calculated all exist but it seems as if these are not taken into account during calculation.

    Formula Example.
    Add in the first field ‘600’
    The 2nd fields ‘495’
    The 3rd field ‘geen boorgaten’
    The price should be around € 88,00 and not the € 12,50 it shows now.

    I installed the basic version again, but still the formula does not work anymore.

    Any suggestions?

    The product in the URL mentioned, does get a price aftre calculation, but that price is 70 euro’s lower than it should be

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Check again all options. Maybe you have overwritten some from another product.

    I did check all options. All products using UNI CPO, have the same bad results.

    I just checked the formula in Excel and that works fine.
    It seems as if the mm’s I use in the formula get another value.
    I changed the size in Woocommerce from ‘m’ to ‘cm’ and to ‘mm’ but also that does not help. (thought I read that somewhere)

    Plugin Author moomooagency


    Why it gets another value? What do you mean by this? Is it misconfiguration?

    I have created new product with the same formula. Still wrong calculation. In Excel, the calculation of that formula is correct. It seems as if the first field (in example ‘600’ is recalculated to ‘0.600’.

    I found the solution.
    Cut the formula.
    Save it.
    Paste the formula.
    Save it.
    Now the original result is back again.
    Very strange.


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