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  1. lll-hq
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Maybe I misunderstand...
    I have WordPress installed along with my 3-Col template.
    I thought that a great thing about php & templates was/is:
    Upon arrival at a wp-site, once the template (features, functionality and content) loads/is rendered--because main-content (whether page or post) is entered into WordPress via the Dashboard, DB'ed and coded to render within my template's large center-column...
    My belief is that that main-content is rendered, per selected page/post, within the already-rendered template...
    that, between pages/posts, no template re-loading takes place;
    that, because the template is already-loaded,
    all that needs load between pages/posts is the main-content one enters per page/post into the Dashboard for DB-storage.
    However, what happens when I click between links, is that the entire-thing reloads--template and all...
    which doesn't seen right to me...it seems to me that all that required loading--between selected links--is that main-content and not a reloading of the whole template + selected main-content.
    So, I am of the belief now that I've done something wrong or misunderstand how it is that php/templates work with DB-main-content.
    Please help...thank you very much,

  2. esmi
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    Posted 7 years ago #

  3. lll-hq
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Thanks esmi for the condescending worthless answer of a link to the most basic information which--of course--does not answer my question.

    Thank you for this insinuation that my question isn't worth the time and effort of writing a single word.

    Next time, why don't you dis someone like me even further by not even bothering to answer the post.

    I mean, don't even freaking answer questions...unless you're going to answer the freaking question...keep your "here's the link--stupid" input between yourself and your and your testicles as you fantasize over the wp-loop while spunking yer monkey.

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