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  • Peter


    Hey everyone,

    Any assistance or suggestions on this would be hugely appreciated.

    I’m looking for a slider type thing for a home page that will display 6 main category names in tabs on the right, then on the left will have a large image linked to each category tab.

    When you mouseover a category on the right I would like to have the corresponding images come up on the left, and when you’re not mousing over it I would like the left to scroll through the different images.

    When someone clicks on the tab on the right or an image on the left I would like it to go to a page linked to each specific image/tab.

    I’ve made an image of the layout I’m looking for since it might be confusing.Mock up

    I’ve seen this sort of thing on a lot of pages so just wondering if anyone knows of a similar plugin or the code required for it??

    I’m able to do some php, html, css, (bit of jquery) coding etc. so if there’s something close then please let me know and I’ll try working with it. But really not looking forward to having to do it all from scratch.

    Thanks so much for your help.


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