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  1. Ment0r
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I am running WordPress 2.0 since today. I got bored and checked out some new options. I discovered the "Check past comments against moderation list" Link in the discussion options and tried it out.

    It put me 44 already approved comments back to moderation (as it should on match).

    Now while i have reviewed all comments and think they can stay approved i "Mark all for approval" and hit submit.. It took long to load and then i got e-mail 44 times that a new comment was made!

    I dont think that should be like that.. I don't wanna know what would have happen if i had "mail on moderation" enabled ^^ ..

    this should be fixed in some way.. like.. "don't mail if comment was approved before"

    just some feedback.
    - m3nt0r

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