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    Ok, I give up. I have searched the forum and the web for help with setting up MailPress but I fear this whole List Management topic is a little beyond me.

    All I want is to set up a simple mailing list for mailing out newsletters. I want people to enter their email address into a subscription form, and then send newsletters to those people.

    I am using MailPress but I am not sure how to configure it, especially the SMTP. My host is dreamhost and I tried as well as with my dreamhost login details.

    Here is my subscription page:

    This has to be easier?? What am I missing, or doing wrong?? Can anyone talk me through the SMTP settings? Or point me to a website where I can find more details? (Not enough detailed information on the plugin’s website.)

    Many thanks!

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  • Well, this is typical. After spending all evening on this and writing this post I finally figured it out!

    For those who are also struggling with this, I basically still had to set up my email client on the host. Once I did that it worked!

    Yes, I know, this is probably the first thing most people would have done, and my only excuse is that I am still fairly new to this 🙂

    Topic resolved (by myself.)

    also managed to figure it out by myself, it would be nice if there was a active forum for this plugin

    new release: MailPress 4.0.1
    new documentation :
    a forum :

    kcmartin, I am having the same problem with Mailpress and Dreamhost. What did you mean by “I basically still had to set up my email client on the host”? I have the email address set up with the host already, if that’s what you mean. What am I missing?

    Hi semidivine, it’s been a while since I’ve done this but if I remember correctly I did what you just said and set up the email address that I use in Mailpress with the host. That’s the step I had missed and once I set it up it was working fine. And I haven’t dabbled with it since! I created this site for a friend but I am no expert at these things so can’t tell you what might be going wrong for you, sorry! 🙂

    Thanks anyway! I ended up using php mail and that worked. Never did figure it out with SMTP!



    I can NOT get the SMTP to work in WP 3.0 and MP 5.0. I have tried the settings of two email accounts (1 godaddy 1 gmail) that I have configured with same SMTP settings in Thunderbird so I know the settings are correct. All I get back from the error log is “Connection refused”. I googled this issue extensively and the most helpful response offered seemed to be links to other searches about the same problem. The best I can glean from the many, many posts is that there is some subtle formatting in the outgoing email header that gets misidentified as spam, but I can find no specific solution. I don’t have time to spend the day up to my eyeballs learning about email headers so I’m goign to try something else. Otherwise it looks like a cool plugin. If someone can offer a concrete solution I’d love to hear it.

    How did semidivine choose PHP mail? I don’t see that option in MP anywhere

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