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  • Hi everybody.

    After searching the forum and google I did not find anything close to an answer. I was wondering if it was possible to use the custom post type to send newsletters with the mailpress newsletter plugin.
    I found this but it does not seams to be solved.

    The idea would be to use a custom post type I created (promotions) and to enable user to get a mail each time a new “promotion” post is created.
    I could use categories, create a “promotion” category it would work, that’s my backupplan, but if it could work with my custom post type it would be great. It is less confusing I think for the enduser to create a “promotion” than to create a post and give it the promotion category.

    Anyway if somebody got an idea it would be great ^^

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  • I agree, that’d be great.

    Plugin Author RENAUT


    Bonjour inpixelitrust

    custom post type enhancement not solved
    i am not a specialist on custom post types

    is there any special hook fired when a custom post type is published ?
    such as ‘publish_post’ for posts ?

    Hello Arena,

    I found 2 articles dealing with the subject “publish_post” hook for custom post types.

    The first one says this :

    The ‘publish_post’ action is post type specific. So if you have a custom post type, you need to change the hook you use. IE, if your post type is ‘foobar’, the hook you should use is ‘publish_foobar’.

    And the second article seams to comfirm this :

    I came across this: {$new_status}_{$post->post_type}, and it did exactly what I wanted it to do: perform an action every time a certain custom post type is published. It works like this:
    add_action(‘publish_custom_post_type_name’, ‘function_to_perform’);

    Both articles seams to go in the same direction, so I’m not a specialist but hope it will help making some steps forward 🙂

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    The major problem is that scheduling and processing newsletters is coded for posts only

    This could be done with some extra code inspired by the Newsletter add on, see also mailpress/mp-includes/options/ processors & scheduler classes + mailpress/mp-includes/options/newsletter

    Hi there
    My comment was actually due to a partial oversight – after looking in to the plugin more, I discovered all the plugin add-ons, and the ‘Newsletter’ one does what I wanted the custom post type feature for (!).
    Awesome, awesome plugin!

    Yes arena that was the idea, actually what I’m looking for is the possibility to have a plugin similar to Newsletter_categories, something like “Newsletter_custom_post_type” or so that would enable the user to chose to get newsletters from categories or custom_post_types or both.
    I’ve checked the newsletter_categories plugin a little bit, but I doubt that I would be able to modify it to fit the needs.

    ultrawebsites what do you mean by “the ‘Newsletter’ one does what I wanted the custom post type feature for” ?

    Hi 🙂
    I was trying hard to remember what exactly I wanted when I originally chimed in on this thread, and from memory, I was thinking a custom post type customised to have newsletter specific fields would be ideal for creating newsletters – and now I know the plugin has that! It’s possible though also that I was thinking that custom post types could be used for the above purposes but also to store somewhere an online archive of all newsletters. So I don’t specifically have that need now though, so the Newsletter add-on suits me just fine.

    I have a related, but possibly simpler question:

    Is there any way to get Mailpress to just include a custom post type in the mails?

    I’m using All in 1 Event Calendar, which makes ai1ec_event type posts, and there are not being send out mails about these with Mailpress.

    Can I hack it so this post type will be included?


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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