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  • You know, I’m having the same issue with that specific shortcode, too. Is there a way that can be fixed?


    The shortcode works only when you click on “manage subscription” link from within a newsletter that’s sent to a list.

    Is there a way to put this shortcode on a page that’s visible only to a logged in user, perhaps with a variable to identify the logged in use?

    Not at this time but it’s something that we have on our list of future enhancements.

    MailPoet Team.



    @wysija I too would like way to put this shortcode on a page that’s visible only to a logged in user, that way they can manage their subscription from within an account page.

    Please make this a future enhancement ASAP.




    Folks who have membership websites with a lot of WordPress users, sometimes ask for a way to allow their WP users to manage their subscription at any time without clicking on the link “Manage your subscription” in the footer of your newsletters.

    The requests vary, but they are usually:

    – render the shortcode [mailpoet_manage_subscription] when a WP user is logged in.
    – display checkboxes for the lists in the profile page in the admin (/wp-admin/profile.php) without showi ng first name, last name, etc.
    – other? Please add your two cents below.

    While these are good options, the link in the footer “Manage your subscription” is the natural way for subscribers to manager their lists and always works.

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    This would be an excellent option. And it seems that if there’s already code that can embed a link into an email, that same code could be modified to embed the same link into a page with a shortcode. It would simply need to query for the logged in user.

    It definitely would be an excellent option to have a shortcode for members to be able to manage their subscription without having to click on a link in an email.

    The link in the footer “Manage your subscription” might be the natural way for subscribers to manager their lists but having everything in one place and easy to see would be so much better for my members.

    I think a lot of WordPress users would love this option if it was available.

    I’ve spent the last two days trying to find this function. I’m so confused with trying the merge these functions and simplify the user experience.

    The problem I’m having is I would value the User Registration and Newsletter List/s options being combined on the same form. The current wysija form doesn’t include the password and then when they want to sign in to their account they have to supply their email again and when they arrive at the my-account page there is no ability to join select newsletter lists rather than the main list/s which were pre-selected in the Mailpoet/Basics tab, I have 9 lists so can’t assume everyone is interested in them all.

    Please can we have the shortcode working asap? I may even Buy version 3 if it was there 😉 my site is if you want to see how confused my membership signup process is lol

    This has now been improved.

    The shortcode [mailpoet_manage_subscription] always renders for logged in WP users in version 3.2.4 released this week.

    Thanks for all your inputs.

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    This is a terrific update!

    It looks like changing the checkbox and clicking save updates your preferences. Which makes the dropdown (subscribe/unsubscribe) seem unnecessary. Would it make sense to remove that?

    Hey, can you rephrase or share a screenshot?

    Note that you can be subscribed and be on 0 lists. This is the expected behavior.

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    If you’re subscribed but on 0 lists, what does that mean? What are you subscribed TO?

    Here’s a quick screencast to help explain what I mean:

    Great video, thanks! Yes, it works as intended. In your case, it does feel strange because you have only 1 list.

    The reason for the checkboxes & the dropdown are the following:

    1. When a user clicks “unsubscribe” in the newsletter, MailPoet changes the global status to “unsubscribe”.

    This is our policy of 1-click unsubscribe to all lists.

    2. The admin can show and hide certain lists in the Settings > Basics > Manage your subscription page.

    Problem: if the subscriber is on a hidden list, he won’t see the checkbox for it.

    Solution: he can always remove unsubscribe himself thanks to that dropdown you would like to remove.

    3. Moreover, in the case with dozens of list, a user might want to rely on the dropdown to unsubscribe himself rather than uncheck himself to all the lists.

    I hope this makes it clearer why we designed it like this.

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    This is like an early Christmas present. I have no doubt my client will be over the moon.

    Thank you & Great work!


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    I tested this as an admin and it works, but when I log into a customer account, my changes won’t save. Any ideas why that might be?

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    This is definitely not working properly. Only my admin account seems to update, but users cannot manage their subscriptions. The form from this shortcode isn’t saving the change.

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