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    Having experienced some major delays with the WP backend load times, I have run the P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) plugin and it reported that the MailPoet plugin was accounting for over 50% of the site load time.

    I followed a suggested solution which was to disable the MailPoet cron job, but that hasn’t helped at all.

    I really like the MailPoet plugin, but it’s hitting our page load times so hard which, in turn, will be hitting our Google rankings hard, so could really do with getting this sorted.

    WordPress and all our plugins are up-to-date, and I can only feel there must be many others with this same problem (but perhaps don’t realise it is due to MailPoet).

    To confirm, when I disable the Mailpoet plugin, everything loads quickly – so this is definitely a MailPoet issue.

    What’s the solution??

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Incidentally, the slowness seems to have occurred since we recently updated the MailPoet plugin to v2.6.6. (We initially installed the plugin a couple of months ago and we did not perform any plugin updates in between.)

    The operation of the plugin seems to be slow also – takes hours to send a newsletter to about 300 people.

    My site is timing out when creating new posts for the past week or so, and after extensive troubleshooting tonight, I discovered it’s due to mailpoet. I can edit existing posts just fine, but creating new ones times out after the post has been published but before the reload. So posts do show up on my blog thankfully, but the white screen throws you for a loop.

    I was already having a different much more minor issue that they were wanting access to look at. Now this needs looking at.

    I’m trying to sell an e-course using mailpoet, and emails to a hotmail address are having issues being sent. Tonight’s at 4pm still hadn’t sent last I checked.

    Mailpoet support does answer tickets sent in on their website. So hopefully I can get this resolved.

    Well, still trying to get them to help me. I currently have to deactivate their plugin to create new public posts on my blog, and to delete the post trash. If I leave mailpoet enabled, I can create public posts, but the browser times out, but I can’t delete the trash at all.

    The tech I’m working with is Rafael, and I’m getting frustrated. This is a great plugin, it does everything I need it to, but the latest update is going to be it’s death on my site at least, if they can’t properly troubleshoot it. I’ve even sent them findings from my webhost.

    I’ve got an older version of MailPoet (v2.6.1) running on another site and that version works fine (unlike the current v2.6.6), so I will try downgrading to that one.

    Hopefully, there’ll be no database issues. If it works, I’ll post back here within 24/48 hours and can share the v2.6.1 files if anyone else wants to do likewise.

    Turns out the problem in the end was the W3 Total Cache plugin that we had on the site. To solve, I went into the general settings of W3 Total Cache and disabled the Object Cache.

    Hope that helps someone. 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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