• MailPoet Version 3.6.1 and BIG cron issue.

    In the new MailPoet versions the support for native crons were removed:

    The new version of MailPoet no longer relies on the cron system shipped with WordPress. That system was responsible for starting the sending process and ensuring that your emails are dispatched according to the set schedule. However, it had its quirks and most often than messages were late to send.

    Please don’t treat every WordPress user as a silly non-technical person. What are the quirks with native WordPress cron?

    There are no issues with WordPress crons, should users choose to set them up properly. In my opinion, there are many more issues with either way MailPoet cron has to run now, which include:

    * “Spam” in PHP-FPM slow log (if someone chooses to enable it).
    * Using “web based” cron to run a task against local PHP scripts is plain wrong.

    I have WordPress crons set to run every minute using real Linux cron, and there are absolutely no issues with this approach to run crons.

    MailPoet developers decided for everyone that real Linux crons brings more issues than it solves, and shoot from their big developer canon by giving us no option to use it for their plugin.

    Pardon me for my language, but I am sure this can piss of many people. Why this were removed and we only have slow, improper ways to run MailPoet cron?
    Why the only proper option to run cron was removed from MailPoet??????

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    Hi there @dvershinin,

    We do completely understand your frustration. The old cron system relied entirely on wp-cron.php, while this worked for some sites and some power users. Ultimately it proved unreliable with emails being sent late etc.

    While you are correct, that developers and power users would create their own cron jobs as you have to make sure it was triggered on time resulting in no issues, for the majority this was a time consuming and confusing task.

    That’s why the decision was made to implement the MailPoet task scheduler (https://beta.docs.mailpoet.com/article/129-what-is-the-newsletter-task-scheduler)

    The issue with the MailPoet cron consistently running has been resolved in MailPoet 3.6.2.


    Would you please add it as an option to have native WordPress crons run Mailpoet tasks, even if that would be an invisible option that has to be enabled by changing a value in database.

    I understand the removal of native WordPress cron option is for the sake of the majority users.

    But this is not electing a president – it’s possible not to take away things from the minority. You could hide it from UI but keep it.


    If anyone finds this thread and want the proper cron: I have posted an article detailing how you can use real Linux cron with recent Mailpoet.

    You should definitely implement an option for using system cron like @dvershinin suggests. Running cron jobs over HTTP is risky and does not always work. Running through real cron gets rid of risks and possible limitations (like timeouts and memory limits for example).

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