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    Over the past weeks I have been trialling MailPoet 3 and your latest reply to a problem prompts me to offer some feedback.

    Using V3 in comparison to MailPoet 2, for a posts notification email, I cannot:

    – Change the size of the image on the new post summary, it only displays full size (no Image Width option, i.e. no support for custom image sizes, explained by you here)

    – Change the position of the image on a post summary, it only displays centred (no Image Alignment option)

    – Alter the length of the post excerpt (no mailpoet_excerpt_length filter)

    The facts are that I cannot re-create in V3 the email layout I currently have in V2. As such my client does not want to use V3. I assume when V3 is released that V2 will die so my client is suggesting that we use another plugin given V3’s backward steps.

    Why does MailPoet 3 not have at least the same functionality as the current version?

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    Hi there, thanks for the feedback and we understand your frustration. As you know, MailPoet 3 is still in a beta phase because some of these essential features are not yet present. Rest assured, all of those suggestions are already been noted and properly scheduled for future versions. Our major focus right now is to make sure the core of our plugin codebase is stable and extensible enough so we can build more on top of it later on. From our point of view as plugin authors, MailPoet 2 is extremely painful to support (imagine yourself supporting 400K installs) because of all its quirks and non-structured codebase, it reached a point that we couldn’t simply fix a bug without creating several new ones. We developed MailPoet 3 to fix those underlying issues of MailPoet 2 once and for all. As soon as we consider it stable enough, we’ll remove the beta label and we’ll get back to adding all those missing features and improving it even more than what we ever did for MailPoet 2. MailPoet 3 is already amazing compared to what MailPoet 2 is. It already solved most of the annoying issues from MP2, like those related to the sending queue and task scheduling (cron job), which already decreased our support load. Rest assured, as soon as we’re out of beta you won’t find a similar or better newsletter plugin than MailPoet 3 πŸ˜‰
    Again, thanks for your feedback, we truly appreciate it.

    I appreciate the explanation but what is going to happen when you make MailPoet 3 live and effectively ‘kill off’ MailPoet 2? The reality is my client might be forced to use an unsupported plugin.

    Why? Because my client has an email layout today that they like. They do not like the layout I can currently create using MailPoet 3 and made clear they will not use it until you add support for Image Width and Image Alignment.

    [I can live with the excerpt length problem by hacking the code – I’ve found where you set it – until you write a filter, or preferably add another Option to Display Layout.]

    I can understand that some refinements or features will come in time but the two Image display options are, I would suggest, fundamental to the features and functionality of a post notification email layout.

    My client is uncomfortable in potentially having to use an unsupported plugin (I’m assuming MP2 will become so when MP3 goes live…?) hence my client’s suggestion of using another plugin.

    The other issue here is that we wanted to switch to use your new sending service but of course we can’t do that if we are not using MP3. πŸ™

    Plugin Author MailPoet


    Hey, a little late, but here are our responses:

    1. Text wrapping around images is very problematic in email clients. We’re dropping it altogether.

    This said, I’m curious to know your image requirements, so please get in touch here with Kim: http://www.mailpoet.com/support/sales-pre-sales-questions/

    2. The excerpt length is slotted for an enhancement. No ETA on it.


    Do I understand correctly that in MP3 there will be no option to change the size of the image on the new post summary, nor the option to change the position of the image on a post summary?

    That’s really sad, and I REALLY REALLY DO HOPE that alignment and size WILL return as an option. Not all images are fit to be shown full width, and a 3 column design is no option for automated newsletters, as there is the risk that there is only 1 post so 1 column. That would be a weird lay-out.

    As far as I’m concerned, wrapping is not really necessary, but I would strongly recommend the option for a customisible sized image, with text on the right or left side (without wrapping, but like 2 columns).

    I’d even be willing to move my site to a non IIS-hosting provider, if the image problem is solved.

    I just need a “Send Now” button. No way will I send a spanking new MP3 post template to my subs before testing it on my own email account. So will you brew me up a “Send Now” button for my Post Notification Emails? I’ll just wait, if you don’t mind :)…

    Seriously, I need a Send Now button. This is my second attempt to like MP3 and beta or not, a “Send Now” button should be derigueur in a beta. We all want to test to our own email account before sending untested to our sub database.

    I join zimbo000 and MorionFW in insistantly asking for the option of choosing image size.
    To me, no wrapping is fine, but size is crucial and horizontal alignment would be great.

    Those full width or 1320px images in newsletters, really, it’s not OK at all. As zimbo000’s my client doesn’t like it at all.

    Apart from that, MP3 is really great. This image size issue is to me the only real problem.




    1. Text wrapping around images is very problematic in email clients. We’re dropping it altogether.

    We’re dropping MailPoet if this essential feature does not make it’s way to version 3. Our newsletter in MailPoet 2 consists almost entirely of WP posts with a 150px wide featured image aligned left and title + text wrapped around it.
    We have seen no issues with that whatsoever on any client for the past 2 years and we’ve checked dozens of e-mail clients on all kinds of devices. Even on my compact (4.6″) smartphone it looks good.
    The workaround presented here is not acceptable, it looks clumsy and it wastes space. I read there that the text wrapping would break their “new column system”. We don’t need columns.
    Also the adds from our sponsors at the bottom mustcontain images with text wrapped around it. The sponsors do not agree with the way they appear in MP 3.
    We simply cannot upgrade to MP 3 without this feature.



    I’m a little bit reassured, as on the page that explains the workaround JodokusKwak mentions, Mailpoet is clearly showing an intention to bring back this feature on Mailpoet3. Let’s hope that this will be soon!

    For me, the workaround is useless, as I mainly use automatically sent emails. It’s only an option for those who compose newsletters themselves.
    Even then it’s not a very good solution, as textwrapping is not possible.

    So I’m crossing my fingers for fast development on this crucial issue.


    I’m facing a problem with mailpoet 3.
    Editing and creating the newsletter is Ok. The preview is OK.
    But when it arrives in a mailbox, no images, some strange characters instead of accent or a lot of === === everywhere.
    The text is Ok but presentation is not acceptable at this stage.

    I changed the theme several times with the same results.

    Anybody knows the clue?


    @plaoureux, I don’t have a clue, but you’re jumping on an old topic that has been marked as resolved. You have a much better change to get answers if you start your own topic. Go to the forum main page, scroll all the way to bottom where you’ll find the form to submit a new question.


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