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    Just upgraded from MP2 to MP3 and test-drove a mailing. There are a few issues that showed:

    1) When “send with” method “other” is set up, and “authentication” is set to ‘no’, it will try to still authenticate if a username is present in the “login” field. Worse, any changes to the settings elsewhere seems to re-fill the username/password fields with defaults, and make it this fail again. MP3 should of course ignore any username/password, present or not, when no authentication is needed (for our mail server it does not need to authenticate, coming from the internal network).

    2) Social icons show as broken images in the E-mail that’s sent. They do show correctly in the preview. All other images show correctly (ie. those taken from the WordPress media library), and the links entered for the social icons still work, just no images. More testing shows that it works if a template is used without any change to the social icons, make a change and the links generated in the E-mail messages sent out have a missing “https:” field (in our case it’s https, though even if http is generated that would be fine since it gets redirected).

    3) The footer with the address, Web URL etc., was restyled using a colour different from the default for the links. However, the E-mail that’s sent to subscribers has the footer link colours reset back to the default again (which is pretty ugly in our colour scheme!). Colours show correctly in the preview, this goes wrong with the distributed E-mails only. More testing shows that the footer’s “link colour” is overriding any font colour settings when sending the message, changing that to the text colour we want will make it work. It should be consistent between preview and distributed messages though.

    That’s what I’ve found so far. Looking forward to a speedy resolution! 🙂


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  • A few more bugs/comments while I’m at it:

    1) The “Manage subscription” link takes the user to a rather ugly ‘blog’ page with auto-generated content. It would be good if we could make that page ourselves, much like the “unsubscribe” page so we can style to fit the rest of the site. In other words, an auto-filled page using a shortcode, where we can set the page to-be-used and style the header/footer/sidebars to fit the rest (ours is NOT a blog site).

    2) The auto-content of the “manage subscription” page does not show all the lists that the user is subscribed to. My test case is an account that’s subscribed to 3 lists; only one is shown where it should show all 3. Actually using this to unsubscribe seems hit/miss, it sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.

    3) It would be really nice to get a shortcode back to “undo recent unsubscribe”, as was available in MP2, for use on the unsubscribe reply page.



    Wow, @solacity, you exactly nailed it for everyone. I just hope the MailPoet authors can with some immediacy integrate these calls into the software. They’re so so crucial.


    Hey @solacity,

    You can customize your Manage Subscription page: http://beta.docs.mailpoet.com/article/222-customize-your-manage-subscription-page

    And you can also specify which lists your subscribers can choose from by going to MailPoet > Settings > Basic:

    To customize your Unsubscribe page:

    You can write something like “Accidentally unsubscribed?” and then put a link to Manage Your Subscription, as you can see in this article above.

    Thank you Bruna! That is helpful.

    In my particular case it doesn’t quite get me out of the woods: I have two types of users/customers; retail and wholesale. They each have a mailing list, and of course we don’t want retail customers subscribing to the wholesale list, since prices are different for products. So ‘manage your subscriptions’ should see different lists for both user types, but that is not possible (currently) in MP.

    I guess my best bet is to not offer a ‘manage’ link, but just put only an ‘unsubscribe’ link in my mailings (to comply with the CanSPAM legislation over here). Having a shortcode that undoes the unsubscribe would still be helpful (as in MP2), to include on the unsubscribe page.


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