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    Hello to all of you,

    Sorry for disturbing, I’m having troubles with my contact form and I was hoping for someone to help me.

    Here is the problem :

    I run the contact form plugin 7, but I’m pretty sure that running the mailpoet plugin at the same time is somehow having an incidence on the contact form.

    My contact form settings are correct, but it seems that when a visitor is sending me a message through the contact form, it gets in my mails like if it was a newsletter from Mailpoet, with my website adress as sender of the contact form

    So when I receive the email, I dont see the sender nor the object, and if I want to answer to the questions I received from the contact form, then the adress I will send my mail will be my website one…

    I’m sorry if the problem isn’t clear…

    Cheers by advance,


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    See Setting up mail

    What email settings do you have in the Mail tab panel?

    I wish to flag that I have this problem too, but a bit more information.
    If I deactivate Mailpoet3 (which in this case uses the WP_mail() function) then Contact Form 7 works.
    If I deactivate Contact Form 7 and reactivate Mailpoet3, then I can successfully send a message via Mailpoet3.
    If I turn them both on, then neither work.
    Therefore there is some interaction between the two, which looks to be new. I have used both on lots of sites and not had any issues. If one or the other was not configured correctly, then they would not be able to send messages, so that is not the reason.
    I have over 130 sites, and many of them use both Contact Form 7 AND Mailpoet 3. At the time of writing I have not started to check the other sites.
    In this particular case my client reported that messages were not being sent from the contact form. That was the reason why I started to look into this.

    I am not entirely sure right now, but I think if I install an SMTP plugin and completely bypass wp_mail() then both work. That is fine as a solution, but in the past both plugins have played well together. They have been tested in the past and found to be working using wp_mail(). While I have not got to the bottom of this yet, I would prefer not to have to around 100+ sites and reconfigure them all.

    I noticed a simular problem. I can only use mailpoet and contact form 7 together if I send both with wp easy smtp. But If I use the smtp of mailpoet next to contact form 7 via easy smtp, contact form 7 does not send mails anymore (but the test email of easy smtp still works) Or If I use the mailpoet sending service, also contact form 7 does not work anymore (and also now the easy smtp test mail still works). I actually would like to use mailpoet sending service and contact form 7 togheter. How can I fix this problem? Or I assume it has to do with a technical issue with contact form 7. It seems that contact form 7 doesn’t send mails anymore if an other plugin also send mails with another smtp setup?
    With every configuration the submissions with contact form 7 are still being put in the advanced CF db.

    Who could help me with this? Or could there be a change in cf7 so it works.


    My contact forms on my site stopped working when I installed Mailpoet 3 throws an error

    I am going in cicles with troubleshoot mode and mothing works – help

    I have uninstalled recaptcha too

    I see an integrations option for Constant contact and others but not for contact 7

    I found the problem to be in the reCAPTCHA settings. It will not work with
    reCAPTCHA on for some reason. I have chosen to get back to the work and leave it as it is now it is working… djmk

    I was having the same problems. I discovered that in MailPoet/settings/advanced, the checkbox was checked to use MailPoet Sending Service for WordPress emails, which would include contact form submissions. When I switched this to send emails via the default WordPress mail function, the Reply-To: was displayed on incoming emails.

    I found in the MailPoet documentation that CC, BCC and multiple addresses in the To field are not supported by MailPoet. Nothing about Reply-To. I contacted MailPoet support and they wrote:

    “You’re correct, the MailPoet Sending Service also
    affects the Reply-to feature for Contact Form 7. Right now, your best
    option is keep sending transactional emails using your default WordPress

    Issue solved.

    We face the same issue with the Reply-to function on CF7.

    So limiting MailPoet has this conflict, by my side forces you to use the service only as a newsletters manager and not as mail Sender like SendGrid, Sendinblue, MailChimp etc…

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