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  • I am trying to figure out how to solve this problem, but I have no clue of where to start and what should edit to let the form inside the page and display nicely? Will be very appreciate if there somebody can give me some advise and direction. Thank you.

    Even though it took me about 2 or so hours to tell you how to do it all (meaning, just the uploading to where part of it)…I still think the plugin author should have written installation instructions and atleast ones in English lmao! As far as I know, they didn’t… maybe someone else knows how to edit this crappy plugin lol!

    Here’s the images I had to show her….jeesh!! Lmao!!


    P.S. I’m starting to think now, just trash the plugin. Get rid of it from your blog’s directory and find something a little easier to add maybe… I dunno just a thought hehe.. =)

    hey, I find subscribe 2 and download it, but the result comes out the same, how to solve it?

    < thinks jesus > Another 4 hours of my time for nothing lol! Naa just kidding. What do you mean by: “subscribe 2” lol? You mean a second version of the mailing-list one? If so, like I said above, you my as well just scrap that one and try a Brand New plugin that might suit your needs better, rather then that piece of crap one lmao! Would be a hella of alot better I’d imagine..


    annliu, thanks for hitting me up AGAIN in Yahoo messenger lol!! Now I know what you’re trying to say about the “Subscribe 2”. =) It’s so much easier to try and help someone via a messenger, rather then making 40 posts in a board and still get no where hahaha… Yet, even via a messenger it tends to take hours upon hours to get stuff across to people and get crap working….sigh.. =( Can’t it get any easier lmao?


    <thinks> This chatlog needs a spot on the blog as a post hahaha… mmm just might lmao!!

    Not that anyone would really give a flying fluck about this prolly lmao!, but here is what she had downloaded, and wanted done with her theme.

    She downloaded the “Subscribe 2” plugin from here:
    Download Here:

    With running the WP 1.5 default theme, if you have that installed. It’s default is laid out with it displaying in the bottom near footer, rather then up top. Which I followed skippy’s instructions for making it appear at the top like she has here:

    I uploaded the fixed file, just follow the link below here, copy all and replace all that’s in your original “subscribe.php” file, that will reside in your WordPress directory. [ Meaning, overwrite the original uploaded one, (or if you have not uploaded it yet…do it with this version here. And make a file called: subscribe.php) ]

    That should be it. Unless you want to have a form like here at bottom right:

    Add this where ever in your template files:
    < p >Or sign up to receive an email whenever a new post is made: < / p>

    <form method=”post” action=”/your blog’s path /subscribe.php”>
    Your email: <input type=”text” name=”email” value=”” size=”20″ />< br / >
    <input type=”hidden” name=”action” value=”add” />< br / >
    <input type=”submit” value=”Send!” />< br / >

    Hope this helps… You can see how the form is displayed in her sidebar at the bottom, also she added a text link in the bottom of page…


    P.S. Don’t forget to keep the < and > around the paragraph tags and such…I put spaces there to show it better for ya… Here below are the comments made by the user and skippy inregards to the following questions and answers she was looking for.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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