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  • Hi

    Hoping James Lafferty can help here. I got fed up trying to change styling for the other Mail Chimp widget – yours seems more streamlined, and simpler.

    However, how might I tweak the alignment so that the fields aren’t right on the left edge (padding?). And can the submit button have some sort of roll-over code to make a hand appear instead of no change, or can it at least be highlighted in some way. Here’s the page I’ve currently got it on –


    PS. I’ve made the change to the code to keep the form up when someone subscribes – I know you’ve said you don’t like that, but to add another voice to your objectors(!), I prefer having the look of the site consistent, so it doesn’t disappear.

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  • Hi Sheona,

    I’d have to mess around a bit more than I’ve got time to do at the moment for your alignment question. To get a cursor to appear on the form, try
    .widget_ns_mailchimp input[type=”button”]{cursor:pointer;}

    Thanks for trying out the widget!



    James, thanks for this.

    Can’t get it to work though – where should I put this code? Tried my theme’s stylesheets, but no luck there.


    Hi Sheona,

    Sorry bout the delay in replying, busy and all. It should work in your theme’s stylesheets, but I stupidly wrote the wrong code. This should work:

    .widget_ns_mailchimp input[type="submit"], .widget_ns_mailchimp .button{cursor:pointer;}

    Let me know if that works for you. 🙂



    HI James,
    I just installed the plugin but
    1- the button does not have any style – can you think of any reason why? It displays as text with a tight box around it (same background as the rest) i.e. does not really look like a button.
    2- the title “Sign up for our mailing list.” is way bigger than I would like – where can this be changed?

    Hi dpaq2011,

    The look and feel of the widget should conform to other widgets your theme might be using… The idea is to make it as much a blank canvas as possible, since it’s the responsibility of the theme/stylesheet to determine look and feel. If you give me a url to look at, I can help you figure out where to start changing things, but if you’ve got no knowledge of css/html, you’d probably be best off hiring a developer to help you out, or accepting a fairly steep learning curve.



    Hi James

    Brilliant, thanks, works a treat.

    I’d be interested in your reply to dpaq2011 – is there a quick way to make the button white, and also the field boxes for the data entry?

    If/when you have an answer to my alignment question, I’m still interested too. But I do appreciate that busyness is a familiar friend!

    Cheers again,

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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