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    maybe You have geard from but it seems that mailchimp has a new politic?
    Your plugin and now also plugin: mailchimp for woocommerce sync users without marketing rights (unsubscribed).

    I had here a thread about it, as it couldn’t be solved (syncing correctly) I changed to mailchimp for woocommerce which worked till maybe month ago,
    Now I had a ticket by mailchimp and tey write that wordpress is a third party for them and they are only respond for buyers from woocommerce.

    I don’t want again to test your plugin again as I guess it is also now on blacklist by them.

    Do you know this new politic?

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    Hey @jaroslawistok ,

    Our plugin isn’t blacklisted by Mailchimp, but it’s created by us, not Mailchimp… so Mailchimp won’t provide support.

    If you need any support with WP Fusion, we are happy to help you here 🙂

    If you need support with WooCommerce, you can find it at https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/woocommerce/


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    Blacklistet was just my working name 🙂
    Fact is that tey don’t accept other subscribers than coming via their form or woocommere buyers (via plugin). Other user will be synced but without marketing rights.

    And this shoulld be important for you 🙂
    They say, it is issue with double optin procedure, wich would not be implemented by other ways.

    You can also not provide support as the most users want sure users with marketing rights (subscribed).

    Only sendinblue ist still working properly.

    sender.net only with woocommerce, but then importing/syncing all users properly.

    I am waiting if you implement sender to your system.

    Otherwise is your plugin very good 🙂

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    Hey @jaroslawistok ,

    Ah, I remember now your earlier thread.

    As I mentioned then, there is no problem with WP Fusion and marketing rights. It’s not blacklisted 👍

    We have *hundreds* of customers using WP Fusion to sync marketable subscribers into Mailchimp.

    As proof, I have recorded a screen recording showing a new WooCommerce customer being synced to Mailchimp as marketable by WP Fusion: https://i.wpfusion.com/REO1ct

    In your case, you either have something configured incorrectly in Mailchimp, or you are using another plugin to sync the contacts with Mailchimp.

    FYI, if another plugin creates the subscriber in Mailchimp as unmarketable, WP Fusion will *not* update their status to marketable. You need to make sure WP Fusion creates the subscriber first.

    But, as you can see in the video, there is no blacklist and no issue with WP Fusion creating subscribers with marketing rights ✅

    I hope that helps to clarify things. If you find out where the conflict was coming from, please post back here so it can help other users who might have the same problem 🙏

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    Do you really want to begin it all again?

    I wrote:

    Buyers vie Woocommerce have by checkout to optin the list (or not).
    They will be corrected synced via Wp Fusion and Mailchimp for Woocommerce.
    Sure not parallel tested 🙂

    I made testsells in ech case.


    Not buyers, wp users will be synced without marketing rights because Mailchimp wrote there is a 3rd party from where this users are comming (wordpress not Woocommerce) and they didn’t otin to list as there was no Woocommerce in Play.

    I was writing over one week with them. They discovered this and changed. So did also after time plugin mailchimp for woocommerce.

    Believe or not, I know this 100%. Several times tried.

    Only Sendlinblue via wp fusion doesn’t distinguish this and work for all users.

    I only am curious about sendinblue if you implement this because plugin sender for wordpress sync only users when using woocommerce on site. Also tested. Again: Nothing parallel with clean test user in each case.

    Believe me I tested All this during days 🙂

    But you can believe what you want…


    And for what in the hell are you sending a unneeded video when from my first sentence here I wrote: Yes buyers will be synced. Wp Users Yes: without marketing rights.

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    Hey @jaroslawistok ,

    I don’t mean to argue with you, I just want to be clear in case other users read this thread: There is no limitation that we’ve ever encountered with syncing marketable subscribers to Mailchimp via WP Fusion ✅

    I recorded a demo for you just now using the Add New User screen: https://i.wpfusion.com/14OIs8

    The subscriber is marketable.

    I know from your previous thread that this isn’t working for you, and I can relate that it’s frustrating, but the issue is coming from either a setting in Mailchimp (maybe even a limitation on your Mailchimp account?), or another plugin.

    Our customers use WP Fusion with MemberPress, Gravity Forms, Restrict Content Pro, Paid Memberships Pro, and dozens of other ecommerce and membership plugins (https://wpfusion.com/documentation/#integrations) besides WooCommerce, and the subscribers are always synced as marketable.

    I just checked and WP Fusion is currently running on 1,275 sites connected to Mailchimp. We would have a big big problem if none of the subscribers were Marketable 😅


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    Thank you for your patience 🙂 And apologize for myunpatiece
    I did 2 same tests and they are still unsubscribed.

    Now it is via mailchimp for woocommerce on. I don’t touch fusion as it still working with sendinblue. Will be probably the same result.

    I was just quoting an answer from mailchimp coworker after 1 week their “investigation” and I believed this, what he wrote, as I mostly do 🙂

    I generate my users via ProfileGrid plugin (similar to buddypress). Maybe this was causing my problems with mailchimp now. I don’t know if they don’t say it or don’t know this too. I know such big companies where the left hand doesn’t know what the right doe’s. Worked 7 years similar and there are many idiots there.

    Maybe it is intern politic from mailchimp to limit uesers but it is not fair if it’s true. So far I am using sendinblue for my few nesletter for about 1000 subscribers.

    Thanks a lot once more time.


    One yet question. Did you use free or Paid account for mailchimp? Maybe this is a hint?

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    It’s entirely possible that Mailchimp for WooCommerce is causing the problem.

    I’m only testing with just WP Fusion active, as that’s the only thing we can guarantee works. We can’t guarantee compatibility with any other plugins in the free version.

    If you’d like to purchase a WP Fusion license (https://wpfusion.com/pricing/), then we’d be happy to check out the issue on your individual site, and in your Mailchimp account if necessary.

    If there is a conflict with Mailchimp for WooCommerce, we can work on a fix. But we can’t provide that level of support for the free plugin, as I’m sure you understand.

    We are using a free Mailchimp account for testing 👍

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    Thank you but I wrote at least 2 or 3 times that I never used this 2 tools parallel so there can’t be a conflict between them 🙂

    The price is to much for my small needs 🙂 And it seems that I am somehow blacklisted or whatever by them. I don’t know. I guess they don’t say the truth.


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