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  • Hi folks . . .

    This seems like a no-brainer, but I have tried every trick in my bag and nothing works.

    It’s really simple. I just want the subscribe button for a MailChimp form to be on the same line (horizontally aligned) as the email input box.

    Using Safari’s developer tool, it seems the problem is overflow: hidden. When I set it to visible, the margin to the right of the email input box disappears, which I’m assuming would free up space and resolve the problem. But when I add this to my CSS, it doesn’t work, even when I add !important.

    And despite setting overflow to visible via the developer’s tool, there is nothing that seems to want to put the subscribe button up next to the email box. I have fiddled with width; I have temporarily removed the Simple Social Icons plugin to see if it’s somehow crowding the custom widget I’m using, but nope.

    By the way, I am NOT using a MailChimp plugin. Instead I pasted the MailChimp code into a text widget.

    Any suggestions? This really has me stumped.



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  • I’m using StudioPress’ Eleven40 theme, if that helps. I’m wondering if there’s some code carrying over from my theme’s CSS that’s influencing the MailChimp form alignment.

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