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  1. morgan52
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I have a user that uses AOL email for sending post's to his blog. However, nothing gets posted and when I do a /wp-mail.php I see the following response.

    Author = example@aol.com
    Author = example@aol.com

    Content-type: multipart/alternative, boundary: --------MailBlocks_8C8262AB7ACA5CD_960_23F4_mblk-r24.sysops.aol.com

    Raw content:

    Author: 2

    Posted title: Bishop's Corner
    Posted content:

    Mission complete, message 1 deleted.

    Why does the message get deleted and what does "MailBlocks_8C8262AB7ACA5CD_960_23F4_mblk-r24.sysops.aol.com" mean. This has been very frustrating for him. Especially when I told him I coudn't make it any simpilar for him, "all he had to to was send an email"

    This site is supposed to go live tonight! Can anyone provide a solution?

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