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  • I WP installed on my own box. I have postfix for sure, sendmail (I believe) installed. I have other sites which send user registration through php when a new user signs up, but I cannot get WP to do the same, either for new registration info, or for comments notification. The email gets to me just fine at my address (handled by the same server), but when I sign up with a gmail account, it never gets there. I read through the other posts (, but didn’t really understand, and couldn’t find anything that seemed that pertinent. If anyone can guide me as to where to even begin looking to assess the problem, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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  • Sidenote: Why does this say ‘topic started 5 years ago?’ Does anybody else see this? I mean, I was watching “What the #$!% do we know?” last night when Iwrote it, but I really want to believe that my thoughts aren’t that powerful yet!

    Ok, maybe I was not completely clear as to what I want. Here is a list of things I need to figure out, from what I can tell:

    1) What files do I need to alter to enable WP to mail from my own server?
    2) What programs do I need installed on my machine, other than WP, in order to send out emails both for registration and for new post notifications?
    3) Does WP keep a log, or will my server have a log, which will tell me what has been attempted in sending emails to users? Where would that error log be?
    4) Do I need Postfix, sendmail, or something else. How do I find out if sendmail is installed?

    When I type in command line: ]$ locate sendmail, it comes back with a long list of results. I am guessing that this means that it is indeed installed. I know that I have postfix, as it is what I use for my mail server.

    Sorry, I am still learning quite a bit about Linux and wordpress, so your patience and assistance is greatly appreciated.

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    This is all that I’m aware of on this issue:

    Are you sure that you have either postfix or sendmail enabled on your server? If you have Windows server, you may need to enable a sendmail emulator.

    It’s a linux server, and yes, I have Postfix installed and working. (If I send an email from my gmail account to an incorrect address at my server, it bounces back with a message from postfix on said server).

    I guess a better question, rather than whether I need postfix and sendmail for WP to send out messages, is what handles the outgoing messages? Why are the users being told that their password is being sent to them, but they receive nothing. WP thinks it is sending the mail, but the message is being blocked, queued, or dropped somewhere. I need to know what steps I would take to realize where that breakdown is occuring.

    I can’t seem to find a log that has documented these user password emails going out. Therefore, I can’t find which aspect of the server is supposed to send them out to the user.

    I was able to register and received the email from your website so:

    Look closely at this

    which is referred to in the Codex page macmanx pointed to.

    Ok, I know a little more about the situation now. WP is sending emails out, and they are being received. Mostly.

    One user in particular, who is having his site hosted by Godaddy, is not receiving his email. I had him double/triple check his junk mail and his messages.

    He also set up another account for me that I could test on, but I have not yet received an email. I did, however, get the email at my admin email account letting me know there was a new registration.

    Is this an issue of the admin email address being wrong, or something in that nature? Is Godaddy somehow blocking this email because the headers are not congruent with the sender information? I also wonder if this is a matter of wordpress not knowing where to find sendmail.

    Please, I need to get this figured out. Peoples lives are at risk here.

    Some of my members do not always receive e-mails when they use a Hotmail account. It’s not WP though – it’s Hotmail filtering the e-mail as trash / spam! I have been considering asking whether the SP coders out there could tell me how to add a simple sentance on the register page advising Hotmail users of this issue …

    I have the Registration/email issue (WordPress says the user/pass is sent, but the registrant doesn’t receive the email). I have read all of the posts on this issue, but I cannot find the mail() function in wp_includes/functions.php — including when I do a string search on “mail.” What am I missing? Thanks!

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    “Peoples lives are at risk here.”

    Such a decision cannot be rushed.
    For matters as grave as this, it is necessary that we gather all available data and consider very carefully the impact of not only the passing of information to you, but also how you may use that information. For us to quickly rush to your aid could result in severe damage, nay, even death !!

    And where is the Mission-Critical plugin ?

    “Peoples lives are at risk here.”

    Nevermind, I found out that the deaths were actually the result of a small outbreak of the ebola virus here in my home, not the email problem at hand. Totally unrelated issues.

    Interesting to note, however, that I did follow BuzzLightyear’s line of thought at first, but then upon asking the user if the message had been filtered to junk/spam, he said it wasn’t present in ANY folder, spam/junk/trash/anything. I then had him set me up a mail account on his site, and created a new account at my WP site. I also was unable to receive any email notification of the password.

    This would all lead me to believe that:
    A) Godaddy is blocking the email before it even reaches the user
    B) The ebola virus does not infect emails
    C) WordPress or my server must log this failed attempt somewhere on my server in order to show exactly where the breakdown occurred.

    (It is assumtion A and C that I am most interested in having confirmed, for those biologists out there.)




    WordPress does not log anything regarding email. WordPress hands off an email to whatever email transport mechanism is configured for the server, and then washes its hands of the whole sordid affair.

    If you control the server, look at the mail server logs. If you’re using a hosting provider, seek their assistance for reveiwing the mail server logs.

    <square one>We’re back here. So, once again, I state that I need to find out where the logs are for postfix. There must be one flying under my radar, as I cannot see anything for returned mail or sent mail for that matter for anything with that domain name at all. I have even sent mail from this domain name OUTSIDE the WP interface, and still no records that I can find.

    </square one>

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