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  1. Steph
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi there,

    I have two versions of wordpress installed on a server.

    One is at http://cafecafe.ch/ (really http://cafecafe.ch/wp/ )
    The other is in a password-protected directory, http://cafecafe.ch/membres/ (really http://cafecafe.ch/membres/wp/)

    "Public" blog is wordpress 2.0
    "Private" blog has been upgraded to 2.3.2 (with some difficulty -- actually had to import everything to a database on another server, wipe everything on this one, reimport... was a mess).

    The public blog sends out notification e-mails as it should (upon sign up, etc).
    On the private blog, however, I get the following message:

    L’e-mail ne peut être envoyé.
    Raison possible : votre hébergeur peut avoir désactivé la fonction mail()...

    (basically: can't send e-mail, your host might have deactivated mail())

    I know mail() is not deactivated as the other blog is working properly.

    So, I'm wondering if:

    - something I did during the upgrade screw-up might have caused this problem
    - the mail() setup on the server is weird, and something has to be done somewhere to "authorize" a wp install to use it (and I lost that "setting" by upgrading)
    - some other error could be causing this error to appear.

    Help welcome!

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