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  • Excuse me for my english. I’m making a child theme, it looks messy now: url It’s based on magpress helone (4 column): url. I converted it from 1200px to 980.
    Now I have several problems,

    1. The feature slider is too big now cause it was designed for 1200px. How to resize it properly?

    2. When I resize the text boxes below it, the text is pushing down the “Read more” button outside of the box (see on the bottom) and the thumbnails are overflowing the right border.

    3. I’m using FF, but I checked it also in old versions of IE. The boxes are on top of each other, not next to each other (after i resized the page).

    4. there’s unwanted space between the right sidebar and the slider which I can’t get rid of. I played with the settings, then the sidebar is pushed below the content etc…

    I think that the sidebar is not pushed to the right by the content’s borders, cause even before resizing the content, the empty space was there (I mean after I converted from 1200 to 980). How to put the sidebar closer to the slider?

    5. I’d like to translate the “home” link button. It is possible to do that in the parent functions, but its not recommended to edit it. I made child functions but I don’t know what should I add there to override the parent

    Please help me, how to make everything look nice and clean to fit into the new resolution?

    Thank you very much!

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  • MagPress website says that their themes come with instructions and that you can email for support. Since it’s a premium theme, it’s not supported here.

    I’m using the free version not the premium and i see no instructions in the zip file. To mail them for support, I guess that I have to pay it (free versions are available for download on the site)

    What you want to do will involve a lot of fussy messing around with CSS. When you change something major in a layout, it always has an affect on many other aspects of the layout — other elements will have to be changed to work right. If you are not able to learn how to do it yourself, I’d suggest you find a theme that has the basic layout (width, etc.) that you want. If you use a theme from the ones on this site, you’ll get more help here. See the Codex on CSS for more information. There are lots of website and other resources out there if you care to look further.

    yes, I understand. I’m trying to learn css these days. I understand it to a certain degree, but still it’s very complicated. I wish there were simple and visual ways to work on it. I’ll close the site for visitors now to work on it, if someone is familiar with magpress themes and is willing to help, plz let me know, I’ll open it again

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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