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    Love the plugin – reduced spam to zero. However, one of the issues we have is with larger corporations who tend to be caught under the “Cache bad ip” or “spoofed IP” umbrella.

    The plugin prevents them from registering and prevents them from retrieving a lost password. At one point it also prevented logging in but I unchecked “Check IP on wp-login.php” which worked.

    With magic memebers we have custom login and lost password pages. They are able to initiate the lost password process but if they click on the link from the email…they get turned away.

    Any suggestions or work arounds would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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  • The plugin has a feature which searches for form names with the words “login”, “user”, “password”, etc. This is a “fuzzy” search for login or comment attempts in support of plugins that replace the standard login page. I think that Magic Members is using a form field with a name that kind of looks like a login field and the plugin is doing its check.

    You would have to 1) rename the form fields in Magic Members to something obscure, or 2) comment out the section of Stop Spammers that does the additional fuzzy checks. 3) add a new “ignore” check box that ignores the php file used by Magic Members.

    There is a check box “Don’t check plugin forms” which I have never really tested. This will check to see if the plugin is in a plugin and not do any testing. This should be checked. If it doesn’t work, try unchecking it. (Like I say, I added that a long time ago and don’t remember testing it.) If it doesn’t work, then I should check to see if actually does anything. I don’t expect that I will be releasing any updates as the plugin has gone as far as I can take it.


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