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    When using the FishPig Magento + WordPress integration, and employing Membership plugin on WP, the restrictions are not being followed.

    Here is the breakdown..

    Magento (Store site):

    WordPress (Membership site):

    The FishPig plugin allows WordPress to seamlessly integrate with Magento, so users get a unified Magento experience. FishPig enables re-writes to force users to stay in the Magento site. For the purposes of testing I have turned this off so we may see the “Pure WordPress” and “Blended Magento” behaviour. Know that this behaviour is the same on or off.

    When browsing to: “” the Membership plugin does what it is supposed to. When browsing to “” it breaks, and the rules are not followed.

    Know that FishPig allows the customization of the /wpsubdomain/ in the URL to help keep WP page URLs separate from the rest!

    Any thoughts to get the WP Membership rules to be enforced on the Magento side would be appreciated!

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  • David


    WPMU DEV Support Staff

    Hi @allclearent,

    I’m not totally sure that Magento integration with WordPress would work with Membership but let’s have a look!

    First off, does everything else work on the site?

    And when you say, “it breaks” on your other site, what do you mean? Does it simply not restrict access to portions of the site?



    My apologies for the confusion. When I say “breaks” I mean “Restrictions not being enforced”.

    Anonymously and to non-members, it this WILL do what it us supposed to, and redirect to “Protected”

    However this is the same content, filtered through Magento and it does not:

    Do you think it has something to do with how the URLs are handled in Magento?

    I have tried enforcing URL Groups as well on both the Magento and WP URL scheme, and the content is still visible.

    When I am logged in as Admin, I can see everything. When in another browser and testing anonymously, the results are as above- the protection is not enforced in Magento.

    FYI- I did purchase the full version, just for a month to test it out. However when I found that there was a “lite” version available on the WP archive, I went with that.

    Thank you!


    I think it is something FishPig would need to help with.

    After reading this:

    The following WordPress shortcodes are available for use in full-integration mode:


    New shortcodes will be added all the time. If you have any requests for the integration of default WordPress shortcodes, please get in touch.

    I will be getting in touch, and see if they can work with Membership to see if they can assist in passing what code needs to be passed.



    WPMU DEV Support Staff

    Hi allclearent,

    That would definitely help to know, whether it can handle standard shortcodes in WordPress, which really is a big issue since so many plugins use shortcodes.

    Whatever might block use of shortcodes could possibly block Membership rules as well.

    Do let us know how that goes.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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