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  • Hi,

    I really like the Magazino theme and am using it for a number of sites I have designed (using child themes).

    However, I’ve recently noticed that Internet Explorer displays it very differently from how it looks in Firefox or Chrome. I’ve set it up so that it looks good in both Firefox & Chrome, but when I view it in IE, the design looks very bizarre.

    For example, on this site ( the social media icons are blank (the boxes are there but the icons themselves aren’t visible) and they’re also getting pushed down below where they should be (they should be in line with the header banner).

    On a different site ( using another child version of this theme, the main nav menu background colour isn’t visible – the nav links still rollover onmouseover, but you can’t see the nav bar for some reason. Also, the footer section seems like it’s been compressed (i.e. there’s padding above the footer links, but there’s no padding below the footer links where there should be). If you compare the site in IE vs FF/Chrome you’ll see what I mean.

    Is there a fix for things like this? Or can I modify my stylesheet somehow to fix these issues in IE specifically? If so, which elements and attributes would I need to use? Thanks in advance for any help!

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  • I am having the same problem that you described. Did you find a fix? The links you included appeared as though you resolved the issue.

    Never found a “real” fix, unfortunately.

    I determined that it seems to be something happening only with the IE browsers at my office – when I viewed it in IE10 at home, or on computer outside of my work network, it seemed to work fine. I also used browserstack (browser compatibility testing site) to view it in Win7/IE10 and it appeared normal.

    I’m still not sure what’s causing it to look like this in IE at work, but I wasn’t able to replicate the problem anywhere else. I assume it’s related to a domain-wide configuration setting of some sort on the IE browsers in my office. Sorry, I know that’s probably not much help. I would have been a lot happier if I could have determined what the exact problem was that was causing this and fixed it, but it seemed to only be happening here.

    Thanks for responding. I assume mine is the same case. Wish I could figure that out as well!

    With my website the same problem; it does not look good in IE8

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