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  • Hi,

    I have been using Magazine Basic theme for quite a while. Recently I updated to the latest version 3.0.3. I found several changes that took away a host of features out… Some of them are:

    1. No loop.php ??!!
    2. All the css elements are silently renamed. I had spent several days carefully customizing the CSS and all of those are to be trashed now.
    3. There is no way to control the number of words (as it was in previous versions of MB) in excerpts in home page.
    4. MB-FeaturedPost – The widget used to exclude categories from the main page. Now posts are appearing in main page as well as on the MB-Featured Post widget… Then what is the point in featuring a post in two places?
    5. No way to discard the fluid design and go back to fixed layout
    6. The new theme options and previewing the changes does not work quite well. After applying the change I anyway have to click close and then again visit the site to see the changes.

    I can go on further… This makes me think, this theme has taken a different approach altogether and the name Magazine Basic is just a name alone.

    Atleast the author could have written a blog post about these changes but to my dismay there is none at all.

    I wonder if these missed out features are now only available in premium version of MB? If yes, i will lift both my hands up, You Win, I will buy it. Pray let me know.


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  • The Magazine Basic update was a disaster for me. I was doing the WordPress security update for an old client for free, and I unwittingly updated the Magazine Basic theme at the same time.

    This destroyed my client’s web site, and now I have to restore it for free.

    I have spent hours twiddling with settings. None of the layout sizes matches the old one, so the client’s static front page (created outside wordpress, no longer works. The CSS is different: in order to make the look and feel match the old web site, I will have to customize the CSS pages – which will just break again on the next update! The old navigation menu no longer fits.

    The maker of this theme was really cavalier about the time people would have to spend rebuilding sites out after this update. I will never use Magazine Basic for a client again.

    You can get the same look and feel with Atahualpa without the fear that you will have to rebuild your web sites every time you upgrade.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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