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  • I use the theme Magazine Basic and the Feed WordPress plugin on the site Scottish Police News.

    In the content (or excerpt) of each post the title is repeated prior to the actual content.

    How can I strip the post of the repeated title data?


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  • What plugins you are using on your blog? any SEO plugins??

    All in One SEO pligin can help provide you with options to change Titles of pages. Here is an example of using All in One SEO pack, note the difference in titles of homepage and other wp created page.

    Corporate Films in India

    Other WP created page:
    Corporate Video Production in Mumbai, India


    I do have All in One SEO installed, but I’m not sure if it will help with my query.

    I’ll go and check the settings though!

    Have had a look at All in One SEO settings and I don’t think they have any bearing on this issue, any other ideas?

    Isn’t “Post Title Format” and “Page Title Format” in All in One SEO helping you?

    maybe I misunderstood your query!! can you give e.g. of what you are asking about?

    Sorry, maybe I didn’t explain too well.

    I’m using FeedWordpress to post news feed stories. When a post is published the title is repeated at the beginning of the excerpt as well, I’d like to lose the title at the beginning of the excerpt.

    e.g., just now the latest story title is “Police appeal for missing man – Border Telegraph”. This is then repeated at the start of the excerpt.

    Does that make any sense??


    Ok I got your point, but don’t have the solution. Maybe someone else can help you 🙂

    In the posted feed item template within feedwordpress, is there a tag to insert the post title? can that tag be stripped, or replaced with a default text such as “story source” wrapped in the url tags of where the story came from?

    I know with wp-o-matic you can do that, just wondering if you can also do it with feedwordpress?


    I follow your chain of thought, but I’m out of my depth trying to sift through the feedwordpress files looking for what to modify.

    I’ll try to contact the author of the plugin to see if he can help.


    More suggestions are welcome!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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