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  • I’m using this on my local computer while building a site for our church. I’m back-posting several months worth of newsletter articles and some info is private/sensitive.

    1) Can I get rid of all sidebars on pages?

    2) I can set the home page to a Page (About), but then what link do I use to get to the old main blog page of all current posts?

    3) Since some info is sensitive, I only want users with a status of “Members” to be able to see certain posts and pages. I want to do it this way so that these users don’t have to worry about using a password to see them. They just contact me and I verify them and set them to a user level of “Members”. What is a good plugin for this?

    4) We have a monthly calendar. I’d like a plugin or page that I can easily update this info. Here is a photocopy of our current
    I want to also put a separate list of upcoming events either below it or in a separate post.

    Basically, the Pages will be what our old site had: About us, Directions, Education, etc. Those are fully public. Pages like: Member’s list with addresses and birthdays and phone numbers are Members only. Certain post like birthdays for the month, are Member’s only.


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    1. You’ll need to edit your theme’s template files and remove all calls to <?php get_sidebar();?>

    2. Create and publish a page called “Blog” (or whatever you want to call it) and use Admin/Settings/Reading to set this new page up as your Posts page.



    1) Won’t that also get rid of sidebars on my blog page(s)? Also, since my blog is now on a page (ala # 2) below) will that interfere?

    2) Saw you answer that for someone else and did it. Works fine now. Thanks.

    3 & 4) Will check out …

    Thanks again! =P



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    I thought you said that you wanted to get rid of all sidebars on pages? If you meant just on static WP Pages, you’ll only need to edit page.php and any other custom page templates you might have.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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