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[Resolved] Magaling Theme Pagination

  • I am trying to set up my blog with a new theme, but I am having difficulty getting the pagination to work and I am unsure why. This is currently running on a test site until I sort it out at:


    As you can see, when you click the pagination links at the bottom, the posts do not forward but stay the same. I am at a complete loss, as I haven’t worked with php in over 5 years and am struggling to remember everything and make this work.

    Currently the code in the index.php file is:

    <div id="pagenav"><?php if(function_exists('wp_pagenavi')) { wp_pagenavi(); } ?> </div>

    I am new to wordpress and more than rusty with PHP, so any help would be greatly appreciated. For those who would be so gracious to help and need extra assistance, the original theme is located at:


    Nothing has been changed other than removing the thumbnail images beside the posts on the index page. If I could sort out this problem, I would love to use the theme. It is the one thing keeping me from moving forward right now, and I am desperate for help.

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  • Have you installed the WP-PageNavi plugin?

    Yes, I tried installing it but I didn’t have much luck. Afterwards, I also tried a few other pagination plugins but to no avail. 🙁

    Can you place a copy of your index.php file in the WordPress pastebin and post the resulting link here? If people can see the code, they may be able to pinpoint the problem.

    Oh wow, nice site. Would have done that sooner if I had known. Here are the files though, I included the header as well just in case anything there was causing an overall issue as well.

    index.php: http://wordpress.pastebin.ca/1557283

    header.php: http://wordpress.pastebin.ca/1557285

    I hope this helps a bit more. Thanks!

    The theme is using a customised Loop. Try changing query_posts('cat=' . $latcat->term_id); to query_posts($query_string . 'cat=' . $latcat->term_id); in index.php. That might help to restore proper pagination behaviour.

    Thank you! It works wonderfully now! Thanks so much for your time and help. I have been going crazy over this the past few weeks, researching and trying various plugins. You have no idea how happy I am right now as I can finally move on with my site and finish tweaking the rest of it design wise.

    You rock!

    Glad to hear that it’s now working. Please feel free to mark the topic as “resolved”. 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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