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  • OK, the last time I came here to ask for advice and feedback on my last update the most common response was that my previous header image was too dark and didn’t really fit well with the blog. I kept that in mind and now I have a new one. One that is brighter and fits better with the color scheme of my blog. I have also made a few other little cosmetic changes. One of which is the way I highlight quotes. It took me a while to figure out how to make it look right, but I’ve done it. Now all quotes will go in a talk bubble.

    Well, enough of my rambling… What do you think of the new changes? Better? Worse? Any advice or suggestions?

    Thank you in advance!


    P.S… If anyone knows of a good plugin or knows how to make one that does the quote bubble thing that I have done on my recent post, please let me know… It is a lil tedious to make it do that and would just be that much easier to do as a plugin. Of course I would love to share that with others in a much easier way.

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  • Looks like you brightened it up quite a bit, looks like a thoughtfully designed blog and the banner seems to fit in pretty good.

    Thank you!!!

    I don’t say this often. It might even be the first time. effing good work. You’ve taken a theme I didn’t like so much and made into one I would really really like Excellent work!

    WOW, Thank you!!!

    That actually was my whole goal with that theme. When I was looking for something other than the default theme, I was looking for something that was clean and easy to modify to my liking. The WP-Andreas09 theme was just that. It already came with several different basic color schemes, it was then up to me to just mold it into something of my own. And it is an ever changing/continuing project. My next goal is to learn how to make plugins for some of the things I have created. If I couldn’t find a plugin to do what I wanted, I just made it myself through a combo of page templates and css. Like my photo galleries and the new thing I did with those quote bubbles.

    Thank you,

    Nice job. I think I lean away from some of your colors, but that’s totally a bias of mine (changes with age and mood ;’).

    Great job on the quotes, post titles, layout and all the details. Looks very good.

    Thank you Yosemite!!

    OMFG..That’s flucking sweet! Awesome job on it Kahil. =) 😉 I like how everything is laid out, easy to read..looks a hella of alot better then before…that’s fo sure lol.. =)


    Thank you spencerp…

    can any one think of anything that would be good to add or possible consider changing?

    Thank you,

    Just used an image replacement plugin to replace the post and page titles with an image in any font I want… I did it so that they would match up visually with the font in the header…

    I took a look and my first impression is that it is looking very good! It is clear where people can click for more information, the menu is well structured.

    The layout of the posts is very good and clean-looking too! On which template did you base this one, if I may ask?

    since I’m here, I’ll answer. it’s based on andreas09. you can find it at the wrc theme viewer.

    yup! its very easy to understand and to edit.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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