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  • i just made a widget that shows icons for the last x stumbleupon thumbs up that a user has made. they input their stumbleupon username and how many to show and it can slip into the sidebar with a flick of the widget.

    I’m happy with how it turned out and now I want to release it to the world.. what do I do next?

    is there a chronological process somewhere that I can follow?

    Andy Bailey

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  • Look at some other wordpress widgets and see how they’re doing it.

    I have no experience making but I have plenty installing components into open source php apps. This is how they’re usually done.

    If it’s not already separated I assume you could put your widget code in it’s own file. That way you don’t hurt any other mods people might have made to stock WP files. If you made mods to the stock WP files then I would document which areas (lines/functions) were changed in the read me so people with existing modifications can copy only those sections which are required to make your widget work.

    Put only the required files (and maybe folder structure to make copying over easier) with some documentation (install, readme) in side of a archive (rar, zip, tar.gz, whatever) Then share.

    it only needs it’s own folder in the plugins directory, no changes to WP files.

    I’ll put it all in a zip file and start looking for places to submit it!

    any good places you can recommend to start submitting it?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    After you signup your plugin there, you’ll get an email in a few days with login information. From there, you can use Subversion (SVN) to upload your plugin and a readme file about it. Follow the instructions carefully and you’ll get your own plugin page on, and it’ll allow people to download it from there and so forth.

    a big thanks otto!

    i did what you suggested Otto, now I have a plugin on the repository!

    it’s funny how having a publicly available plugin makes you want to tidy up your source code!

    that’s twice I’ve thanked you today, thanks again for helping me out

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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