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Made a new blog

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  • guess every wannabe redneck needs a blog, huh.

    You asked for that, btw, since no-one here needs to be told what you think their job is. That’s what your blog is for.

    Here’s hoping your sent to Iraq.

    lol at whoami’s post.

    Ironically, a Redneck would probably write something like this: “Here’s hoping your sent to Iraq.” While an educated, literate person would write: “Here’s hoping you’re sent to Iraq.”

    .. and a pompous jackass would nit-pick at typos. Something I didnt do, and could have done myself after looking at his “about me” page.

    Neither here nor there though, and not the point of my original reply.

    .. And its telling that you signed up just to reply to this thread. Answers all my questions.

    “WhenI feel that my time ….”

    Please remember this is a support forum for ALL users of WordPress, and not for commentary and philosophical debates.

    I missed the first support post or I would have happily provided some. Instead, I was instructed as to what my job as an American is.

    If I advertised MY blog here, and made it clear that I thought it was every Americans job to support gay marriage OR a woman’s right to choose or ANY other hot topic, I would expect an equally heated reply.

    Feel free to delete the topic in its entirity. After all, he didnt ask for anything but clicks.

    Maybe for his next thread he can work on not bludgeoning the tags he adds too. I notice they were removed — kudos.

    whooami, I did not direct my post at anyone specific, as I felt all participants in the thread needed the reminder.

    And yes, the tags are meant strictly for support related content, and were removed.

    Feel free to post to the mail list regarding your concerns over what should and shouldn’t be posted within the “Your WordPress” forum.

    nope thats fine, thanks 🙂 I’m good and I realize you were non-specific, it’s appreciated.

    My cats breath smells like cat food.

    lol I was just trying to poke fun… it was meant to be good natured 0:) and I was not trying to be a “pompous jackass” at all.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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