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    This is for version 2.1 of JCL.

    I noticed that on my site, when I had the expand/contract symbol on the left of the category, there was no space between it and the category name.
    To fix this I did the following in jquery-categories-list.php

    On line 325 change:
    $cssRule = $instance['layout'] === 'right' ? 'right' : 'left';
    $cssRule = $instance['layout'] === 'right' ? 'left' : 'right';
    (swapped ‘right’ and ‘left’ after the ternary operator)

    On line 327 change:
    $childLink .= '<span class="jcl_symbol" style="padding-' . $cssRule . 'left:5px">';
    $childLink .= '<span class="jcl_symbol" style="padding-' . $cssRule . ':5px">';
    (removed the hardcoded ‘left’)

    I also wanted to add a CSS style to make it so that Categories with no children could be styled with a bullet point, and thus still be indented.
    To do this, I added a conditional check and added a new CSS style to elements which do have children so they could be differentiated.

    On line 332 change:
    $html .= '<li class="jcl_category" ' . $styleAttribute . ' >';
    $html .= '<li class="jcl_category'. (!empty($child_html) ? ' jcl_category_has_children' : '').'" ' . $styleAttribute . ' >';
    (added a ternary to check if the category has children and add a style to the listitem if it does)

    Then in your theme’s CSS file (e.g. styles.css) you can style Categories with children differently from those without children, e.g. in mine I have:

    .template-front-page .widget-area .widget li {
        list-style-type: disc;
        margin: inherit;
    .widget .jcl_widget li.jcl_category_has_children {
        list-style: none outside none;

    Which gives me bullet points on all lists in widgets, but not on the categories which can be expanded.

    Hope it’s of use to somebody anyway.

    (Edited to fix formatting)

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  • Plugin Author Miguel Useche


    Thanks for sharing it 🙂

    Number 6


    No probs 🙂

    In JCL version 2.2 the line numbers are as follows:

    Line 325 is now line 408
    Line 327 is now line 410
    Line 332 is now line 422

    Plugin Author Miguel Useche


    I just added a new update to fix a bug and i’ve included code for a class like jcl_category_has_children. So you can apply CSS to li with childs·

    Hi thanks for that, very useful! I couldn’t find the css rule to add bullets to a list that had inherited {list-style:none outside none;} and this is perfect.

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