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  • Since upgrading to WordPress 3.4.1 I can no longer upload images to my website on the Mac which I normally work from.

    However, if I log into my site from any other computer, I can add images to posts with no trouble whatsoever.

    Most strange. Has anyone encountered any such trouble?

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    Are you a spammer??
    BTW, it is not correct or smart to use a plugin when you have a problem with the core installation of WordPress. You need to solve the problem first or it will come back to smack you. IMHO.

    I’m having the same issue, just after upgrading, please help! There was no problem before this.

    Describe what happens when you try to upload an image. Please be very, very specific about what you do and what you see happen when you do it.

    Hi. I am able to upload the image form my computer, it finishes crunching, but instead of having a thumbnail I just get the image name, there is a title in image title field, but nothing in the link URL field. On the Media list, I see the image name, same thing, no thumbnail, when I insert the image into a post/page the broken icon show up. If I try inserting an image from my media library (before upgrading) it works just fine. Thanks for your help!

    That sounds like a permissions problem. See if this thread and this one helps any.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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