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  • I am interested in the WYSWYG editor. Does it work on Macs with safari as well as Windows with internet explorer?

    I am currently not using wordpress, but I am interested in doing so. Most text editors I have come across work great on windows w/ IE, but not so well on Macs.

    Are macs with Safari or Firefox supported for text editing?

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  • WordPress doesn’t currently ship with a WYSIWYG editor. So you should be good. And for future reference, anything we do, as much as possible, will be cross-platform.

    So if there ever is an official WYSIWYG editor you better believe it will run on a mac. Since you know, I and now the Project Lead are mac users.

    There are some (rather clunky) java applets (slow, unfriendly, not opensource and cost money) so no, no WYSIWYG, RTF, RTE, rich text editor in safari on the mac. Rumor is that ‘Tiger’ (the next upgrade $ for MacOS X) will support html-editting right in Safari (new webkit/webcore functionality) (There is some discussion if and or it will end up in the final version when ‘Tiger’ is released because of webstandards etc.) So we wait for Tiger and see where it will put us Mac users.
    So the short anwser is: No, no wysiwyg editting with safari
    …BUT firefox shows the wordpress editor and puts the tags in correctly.
    also there is wysiwyg support in firefox (not used in wordpress yet?)

    Good luck, and see you in ‘Tiger’

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator 🚀

    If you want to get the quicktag buttons (link, img, blockquote, etc) to display in Safari, you can apply this hack:

    The quicktag buttons work just fine in the Mac version of Firefox without applying the hack.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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