• Just curious if most users here are on Mac or PC? I’m using a mac, and Firefox. If anyone is interested, I’d love some feedback about my site using various platforms and browsers. I think this is the hardest part of the design process: making it look good to everyone.
    I did have 1 issue with my macIE, and that was the drop shadow ‘plug in’ didn’t display the thumbnail pics at all. Anyone else seeing this or know how to fix it? In the past MacIE has been screwy, then at a later date looks fine after no alteration on my end. It’s from M$, so who knows!
    Thanks everyone! http://www.elmsblog.com

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  • I also use a Mac and Firefox 🙂 Am currently converting my blog from MT to WP as we speak, was browsing the forums and saw your post. Wanted to drop in and say hello. 🙂
    Heather Anne

    In IE 5.0 and 6.0 whitespace in the top-right of the page. The background isn’t ‘stretched’. Did you apply a backgroundcolor together with the picture? (background:url(images/images.jpg no-repeat top left fixed #ccc;)
    In Mozilla1.6 background fixed, but also whitespace on the top-right.
    On my work I have to use mostly the mac (for 4 years now). But I have to say I never got used to it. It’s not my kind of machine/system and I don’t like the ‘brand’ thing and the lack of choices I have with a mac. But they’re good computers. At home I have a pc as you might have guessed. For now with windows installed, but at the end of the year I want to buy/upgrade to a new computer and will switch to a linux-distribution. Using open-source (WP) software on an open-source operating system is the way to go. At least for me.
    I’m also converting from MT to WP. Almost finished for the weblog-part, but experiencing some css-difficulties in IE (as always…)

    Hey guys. Thanks so much for your input. As for the top image, I’m not sure what to do: if I make it a full 1024 px wide, won’t it get cut off by those w/ lower resolutions? Is there a way to auto-resize, or do I need multiple style sheets?
    Should I combine a color with the background pic? I’m not sure if you’re saying I should have or I shouldn’t have. 🙂
    Caliban: the background image is covering part of the menu??? To answer your question, “porquoi?”, I must say I’m not sure what that is.
    This is my first attempt at a website, so I’m very grateful for your input! thanks again and let me know anything else.

    UPDATE: OK, I changed some pics/ colors, and it may not be the flashiest site ever, but I think it’s easier to read. I’m specifially interested if everyone can see the photos on the 5-23 post:
    For some reason in my MacIE, the drop-shadow pics don’t display. They look fine in Firefox and Safari though. Oh wait, I know… it’s IE.

    I can see the images just fine. How did you get them to post like that? Did you code them or use a program/plug-in? If you used a program or plug in, please let us know which one. I would love to be able to do that without manually coding everything.

    In mozilla I can see all the pictures, but some with and some without white border (shadows?) . No shadows at all. And some pictures are overlapping other pictures.
    In IE I can see all shadows, which are probably png’s, because they are all white/grey. IE can’t deal with png’s very well.

    The footer looks really neat. Nice layout. 🙂

    Yeah, the pics piss me off! The shadows are an addition to the CSS. Here is where I found out about it:
    At the bottom there are links to the different sections. Click on the images/ drop shadow part.
    The reason some pics DON’T have the shadow, is ’cause they’re side by side. The shadow CSS part won’t let you do that, or I should say I haven’t messed with it yet to fix it. I’m going to change directions to try to get Alex’s wp photos to work.
    IE (Mac) only shows the shadows. 🙁 Any ideas why????? Oh, and yeah, I code them all by hand, which is another great reason to use alex’s hack.

    I’ve been an iBook owner since May of 2002 (iBook G3 700mhz then, now G3 900mhz). Prior to this I owned a Performa 575 (early 90s), Performa 6200 (late 90s), and an iMac G3 400mhz (2000). I owned a PC for about a month, and… returned it to buy the iMac. I’ve been to the dark side, and it wasn’t pretty.
    Your 4/1/04 entry says… “just a few minutes ago I took a crash course on HTML from some website.” Who designed your site? If you did it yourself, you certainly have learned a lot! (I think years passed before I started playing with CSS.)
    Heather Anne, beautiful design.
    PS: Safari here.

    I’m on a Mac as well, using both FF and Safari. Site looks great. For some reason in FF, when mousing over the menu, it will produce a bottom scroll bar every once in a while, not sure what thats from…
    The only thing that I noticed scanning over the design is maybe making the post links black as well for overall link consistency. Also, I, personally, would make the menu background transparent and border it similar to the posts (as well as dropping the menu somewhat to align the top border with the top border of the first post). I would also increase the padding of the posts so there was a little more space between the bottom of one post and the date of the next. Blah, I’m rambling. Site looks good!

    So far I’m only on Windows (XP, FireFox 0.8 mainly, but sometimes Opera or Netscape even), but once I manage to find a full-time job here, I’m buying a PowerBook! I’ve had my eye on that and been wanting to buy one for nearly a year now, and I’m finally close to having the money – I just need a full-time job to make sure I have a bit of money afterwards as well 😉
    Your site looks okay to me at first glance, haven’t done any sort of in-depth checking. Very well done for someone who’s just getting into learning XHTML and CSS…

    I use mostly of my time Mac OS X (Panther) and Firefox 0.8 (soon 0.9). But also XP and Mandrake Linux PPC.
    When i check my designs i always do this in this way.
    1. Firefox (my main browser)
    2. Safari
    3. Opera 7.5 Mac (that i think renders things almost the same way as IE 6 most of the time)
    4. IE 5.5 Windows
    5. IE 6 Windows
    6. Konquerer (now i don’t need Linux for it or Xwin, when KDE Konquerer runs natively without the KDE WM in Mac OS X. There are diffs between Konqurer and Safari, despite both uses KHTML)
    I found out that with valid (or somewhat) XHTML/CSS pagedesign are *LOT’S* easier to debug than before.
    And oh.. When testing designs, and don’t have access to a PC.
    This site is god send: http://www.danvine.com/iecapture/
    or for PC users: http://www.danvine.com/icapture/
    Be sure to send the author a friendly line, as he keeps it up for free.

    For dealing with IE’e lousy PNG support. This one is the soulution:

    another one as if someone gonna use it!

    Anyone have any suggestions? Loaded a new CSS from Alex King’s site. Tested it in the following browsers: WINDOWS: IE 6.0, Netscape 7.0. MAC: IE 5.2.3, Netscape 7.1, Safari 1.2.2. The images in the header and footer show up just fine in ALL browswers EXCEPT the MAC IE 5.2.3. It’s driving me NUTS. I don’t know if I should try to contact Microsoft, Apple, or WordPress with this issue, so I’m starting here. Also, I have found Microsoft’s forum to be a waste of time.

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