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  • I’ve had this same issue in several instances. On the Mac, when you download any software from the internet, such as wordpress, when you unzip the download the system adds something like a resource fork to all the .php files so that when you open it it gives a system message that warns you that the file is a program/script and do you really want to open it.

    It’s a security feature, but the problem is, of course when I unzip the wordpress files in order to update the config file and upload to a webserver, WP does not work because apparently none of the PHP files are executable because of the warning my OS is putting on them. I know this must be a common problem so sorry if this has been discussed before, but what is the work around??

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  • Sorry I don’t have a solution for you, but I thought I should say that I have a Mac, I get the warning (as I do on Windows), but I’ve never had a problem installing. Did your service say that’s what the problem was? It seems very unlikely to me. Who is your host? I use a MacHighway.

    I use dreamhost and a couple others. I haven’t noticed if the issue is specific to a specific web host or across the board.

    Well, I know you don’t want to run out and change hosts, but maybe check and see if it’s one in particular?

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    Unless you’re using OS 9 on an old PPC Mac, your Mac isn’t adding a resource fork to your files. It’s not changing the files. Simply turn the download warning off in Safari.

    The problem is the way you are uploading files. Use Cyberduck and set it to “auto” transfer mode with unix line endings.

    If you’re opening the php files on your Mac, use TextEdit as it will respect the character encoding and the line endings. Don’t use Word, Pages, etc.

    Finally, if files won’t execute, be sure you have given them the correct permissions on your server.

    And use Linux hosting, not Windows.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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