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    1) the latest m-vslider plugin version 2.1.3
    2) WordPress 3.5.1
    3) Gridiculous Theme

    1) Under M-v Slider Setup, when a new slider was initially following are read only
    Number of slices (set to 15)
    Number of Box Columns (set to 8)
    Number of Box Rows (4)

    2) When the “Image setup” are shown on the bottom of the screen,clicking on “Add Another image” does nothing

    3) After pressing “Save Settings” and the “Image path” boxes moved to the right, the “Add another image” does allow me to add more impage paths, but upon clicking “Save Settings”, they were not saved, i.e.
    3.1) When I got to edit the slider, only the first 5 slides are shown
    3.2) The actual slider also display the first 5 slides only

    4) After a few saves, the following disappear altogether
    Number of slices
    Number of Box Columns
    Number of Box Rows

    5) Now, whenever I try to make any edit on the “Images setup” together with “Slider General setup”, nothing get saved (no matter which “Save Settings” buttons is clicked

    6) If I just edit “Slider General Setup”, the general setup is saved no better which “Save Settings” button is clicked.

    Since the image paths is saved as a blob, it is difficult for me to manually save it to MySQL, or else I would have done it. However, I see the plugin uses its own table…

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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