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  • mangopickle


    Hi everyone!

    I just launched my new blog.

    It’s up — well — at and it’s basically just a personal blog. Just looking to gather a few readers and get some feedback and ideas. What other kinds of content do you folks reckon I could put on there?


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  • whooami



    text is way too small to read, and the white on black doesnt help either, epsecially when its that small to begin with.

    Its a blog right? You do w a n t us to r e a d it?

    R I G H T ?



    I have to agree with whoo… the text is way small…



    I’m not a big fan of white letters on a black background. However, if you increased the font size, that would do the trick for me.

    Good luck with your site.



    I think you have a very good start on your site. There are a few suggestions that I can think of, mostly pointed out above. Also, in my browser (FF), I notice that the site is left aligned. While there is no requirement that sites be centered, it does make it easier to read with empty space on either side.

    Just something to think about. Also, it displays different in Internet Explorer than in FF for me. I would look into validating the XHTML –

    Good luck!



    Hey guys!

    Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve actually changed the font color — to gray — and made it slightly bigger. I”m just a sucker for the minimalistic style.

    <b>mjwood</b>, my site was meant to be left-justified. I’m kind of bored with center-justifications and I’m thinking about adding a background-border along the right hand side, though I haven’t decided on anything yet.

    But thanks for your words. I know I write in more of a prose form, but if you read a little, maybe you’ll get a little pleasure out of whatever I choose to write…at least I hope so.




    “I”m just a sucker for the minimalistic style.”

    Not for nothing, but I sure wouldn’t call that minimalistic… your large “embellished” header and your whole sidebar would negate that.

    Grey doesn’t make the text any easier to read, and IMHO it’s still too small for text on a black background…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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