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  • jronder


    Sunny greetings from Diani beach! I am very new to seo and WordPress(I learn only from the last year october)and will appreciate any advice or suggestions.
    Our site specialize in unique villas and boutique hotels on beaches in Kenya.
    I have recently changed many links as seomoz warn me of cannibalization. My main worry is the properties categories we have in the main navigation menu. My idea was to be sending traffic to the property categories with the vision it will pass a juice on properties. I am not sure if I have to add a link to each property post back to its category in order to return traffic. I am afraid it will be then again cannibalization for the category which is on the main menu, I am not sure how does this work like.I would be very grateful for any advices or suggestions for improvement of our site:-)

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    There is not enough contrast between your navigation menu text colour and the banner behind it. Your text does not stand out enough.

    Use this tool and aim for a 4:5 contrast ratio between foreground and background.



    Thank you Andrew so much! I have never realize this but as you said I am absolutely sure about it. You are really good!I will fix it right away!Thank you so much!

    Nice website though.. Looks amazing and tempting



    If you have a larger image width, this would be better. For now, leave as you have it, or fit the width of the image 100% and at bottom instead of gray color, put color of sand so it seems the image fades into sand color. On wider screens than 24 inch, this would not look good.

    body {
    background: url( fixed no-repeat center top;
    background-size: 100%;


    Thank you very much mortenpalsen! But unfortunately I still did not manage to rank for Diani beach:-(

    Thank you very much lionsdendesigns, it is really good point! The only thing I am afraid that then the image will loose set up, I mean that then the pretty girl will not be there anymore…



    Maybe you can cut the image in half and load half on the left and half on the right, put a transparent section in the middle. Just a suggestion to try out.

    hi Villas Diani,
    Just went through your blog, overall, good work.

    would like to suggest you a few things.

    The top slider is good, plenty of good pictures, however every image you have in it is water marked with your blog’s url. It is a good idea to water mark your pictures, but usually keeping the water mark at the corner with smaller fonts looks good.

    Also, if you keep a blog on the sub-page and update it with related information, your content will stay fresh.

    keep it updated,



    Thank you very much, lionsdendesigns for the tip, I am afraid this would involved some codes which I might not be able do correctly 🙁 perhaps later:-)

    Thank you also staytamed! I understand what you mean with logo, i would love to remove it, unfortunately it is there for its purpose. Initially we had the logo only in the corner, but unfortunately we have found always many of our photos on other websites with the logo cut off from the corner, so we decided to do it this way in order to avoid copying our material and duplicating the site.

    What do you mean a blog on the sub-page in order to keep content fresh? We are publishing regularly posts into Kenya News: We also update few new properties every month. Recently I have updated almost the entire site, every single article. Or do you mean some other blog? Does it seams to you that the site does not have fresh content?

    One more question, how can I remove this conversations appear in the search?:-(

    Any suggestion on improving ranking?

    Thanks so much to all! Good evening!



    @july Ronder You’re welcome! Thank you for taking some of my suggestions.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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