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  • Has anyone else had a problem with their ISPs suspending their accounts since upgrading to WP2+?

    I mean, I noticed how long it was taking to publish and save and stuff but apparently it was really taking it’s toll on the shared CPUs. I’m a tweaker so it’s not like I just set everything up and just left it alone and blogged. I was always trying something new out.

    After a really unpleasant experience where I lost all of my email access, all of my web hosting, etc. without warning, Lunarpages and I have negotiated moving all my my services to an expensive dedicated server for the time being while I consider my options.

    However, I’m wondering what other people have experienced since the upgrade. Has no one else had a problem?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Such cases are usually down to a plugin which eats resources.
    That’s not to say that hosts aren’t to blame too in some way.
    Can you list your plugins?

    Mark Jaquith


    WordPress Lead Dev

    In particular, the Google Sitemap plugin can cause a lot of problems, sometimes eating up 16+ MB of RAM… and it would be run when posts are submited.

    You also might want to consider moving to another host… one that will take the time to work through problems instead of cutting off your access without warning. I’d be happy to recommend one if you’d like.

    Without access to my account, I’m guessing as to which are active based on looking through my plugins directory:

    BA Stats
    Adsense Deluxe
    Bad Behavior
    Brian’s Latest Comments
    Enhanced Views — just added this week
    Enhanced Views Checkboxes — just added this week
    Explicit the Cat Sort — something I wrote
    Fold Page List
    iTunes Playlist
    Jeromes Keywords
    Multi-topic icon — tweaked
    My Link Order
    My Status
    Not to Me
    Now Reading
    Post Views
    Related Posts
    Search and Replace
    Subscribe to Comments
    the exerpt reloaded
    this day
    vipers plugins used
    wp-amazon plugin
    wp-contact form
    wp-cronfuture pings
    wp-cron-update links
    wp-email-notification -tweaked

    But half of this was added after the upgrade and it’s been slow since the upgrade.

    Thats one hell of lot of plugins. What are you cooking?
    BTW If you need free webhosting with wordpress try

    Well, I don’t want free webhosting. I do a lot of other stuff on the web. I just happen to have a lot of WP blogs too. The WP’s just got to be php memory hogs on the last upgrade.

    The irony is that the main reason I needed to switch from greymatter was because every time I save a post it was causing this nasty memory suck on the system because I have so many posts.

    I’ve had no problems, but I’m just starting to figure out WP and my blogs are in the very early, formative stages. i.e. not very active at all. Things haven’t been slow when fiddling with them though.

    Have you posted about this in ?

    Nope. Haven’t posted there and I’m sure I’d not have nice things to say at this point because I’ve been hung up on, lied to, and treated in a very unprofessional way in the last 24 hours. In fact, I’m very close to calling the several businesses I refered to them in the last few weeks and suggesting to them that they go elsewhere at this point, which is a shame because I’ve been with them for years and had excellent service up until yesterday, but this has been utterly ridiculous. A total lack of communication. Techs who “can’t” talk to customers on the phone? No talk with the customer as to timelines? I mean, at this point, I’m paying a lot of money, I expect to be treated with respect.

    That’s a shame and disturbing to hear, because their service has always been excellent. I sincerely hope this isn’t a sign of things to come, because I tend to recommend them as well and was planning on expanding my plan with them in the near future.

    A friend hosts a fairly active forum with LP that I help run and we’ve always found them to be incredibly stable and had no problems. But, hearing from you that support has been unresponsive and rude recently is not good news and I hope they turn things around because excellent service is what made them as a company.

    I know you’re incredibly frustrated and probably feel like you’d just lose it if you posted over there, but I do think it would be a good idea to post about this in their forums. Besides, they need to hear about this kind of stuff. If worded well without simply sounding like an angry rant, I think it’s very contructive for these things to be out in the open, and there does seem to be some very helpful people around at lunarforums. Just a thought, and I’d understand if you’d really rather not.

    Good luck with your problem. I hope it gets sorted out asap.

    I left Lunarpages months ago because of an issue similar to this – I run 3 WP installations and one MT – Lunarpages likes to stuff as many accounts as possible onto their servers to maximize profits – so if you hog up above average resources, expect to be shut down – and no they do not care.

    I recommend a new host – they’ll let you move it. Ask for access to your CPANEL and get yourself a full backup. will set up your new hosting account and configure your backup to restore your blog for a very nominal fee.

    Looking throught the plugins, the only one I saw that should affect posting is the email notification as it’s the only one triggered then. I deactivated it and made some minor changes to a few posts and saved them. On a dedicated server with nothing to compete with the CPU for attention, saving took WP2.02 around a minute for each post. That seems to be rather lengthy, doesn’t it?

    Oh, Joan, I did tag my comments on to someone else’s post over on Lunarpages forum. Then I went and vented on my disappearing blog. 😉

    All but one of my blogs seems to be back. One of them seems to be trying to access urls on the old server — errors can be seen here. As you can see, in the conversion, Lunarpages, changed my account from exit-232 to exit232 and the website is trying to access in both places. Very weird.

    Have you tried turning off post pings (pingomatic, etc.)? That’s the ‘other’ thing that happens when you post that is ‘built in’. As well as pingbacks/trackbacks. When Pingo has been having problems, a minute delay when trying to post isn’t weird — except that the average PHP install has a 30s default runtime. 😉


    OK I’ve turned off the ping from post thing and will test it out when I get back into my regular blogging routine and report back as to the speed.

    My blogs are completely moved now. I will say that they click through faster on the dedicated server. I will also say that tech support through the dedicated server support line is so much better and different. What a strange difference money and 24 hours makes.

    I can host like 900 WPs on this new server though. LOL

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