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    Ludwig Van Normainen, why do you not answer tickets anymore?

    Is it the case that the SNAP Premium API no longer works with Facebook Groups?

    Is it the case that customers who purchase the SNAP Premium API and post tickets will not get an answer?

    If the SNAP Premium AP no longer works, why have you not taken down your sales page and why do you continue to sell this product?

    Is it time to come clean and stop ripping off customers who buy your product in good faith?

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    NextScripts Premium API for Facebook is working successfully.
    It has all features that Facebook removed from its native API including the ability to post to all kinds of groups (open, secret, closed)

    So please make sure that you do everything according instructions:

    What exactly errors do you have?

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    Last week I purchased the SNAP Pro WordPress Plugin + SNAP Universal API at the price of $49.95/Year. After inserting the activation key I can see the following status:

    Plugin Version: 4.3.5 (API Version: 4.4.27 [ID:7514]) [Pro Edition]
    SNAP Pro WordPress Plugin (Lifetime License): Active;
    SNAP Premium API Service (All Networks): Inactive;
    Google+ and Pinterest API Library: Active (One time Payment – Lifetime License Promo)

    When creating a new Facebook account using the “Nextscripts Premium API” I get the message that the “NextScripts API Library for Facebook” is NOT installed.

    How can this issue be resolved?



    Please go to the Help/Support page, click [Check for API Update] and wait for the page to reload itself.



    Whilst I appreciate people’s frustration on this matter; you should be aware that Ludwig is not permitted and will not offer ‘Premium’ support on this WP forum.

    You can only do so on Nextscripts site.

    Hence the reason, I suspect, your not getting any response 😉

    Plugin Author NextScripts


    1. SNAP Premium API works fine with Facebook Groups, Pages and Profiles.

    2. We are answering support tickets.

    3. SNAP is working fine without any general issues at this moment.

    How can this issue be resolved?

    >> Plugin Version: 4.3.5. API Version: 4.4.27

    Version 4.4.27 is outdated. The latest version right now is 4.4.29. Please go to the Help/Support page in the plugin and click “[Check for API Update]”. This will update APi ans resolve your issue.



    I posted a ticket on the website more than a week ago.

    Until today I have not received an answer from Ludwig Van Normainen.

    This is not a serious way to run a business.

    Customer service should be a priority!



    The API has been updated to 4.4.29 and new Facebook accounts created to post to Facebook Profile and Facebook Group:

    username/password mode:

    When submitting test posts both accounts give the error message “|Failed Session”.

    use session mode:

    Posting to the Facebook Profile is successful in use session mode but the Facebook Group gives the following error message:

    :null,”summary”:”Your Request Couldn’t be Processed”,”description”:”There was a problem with this request. We’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can.

    In conclusion the Nextscripts API does not work with Facebook Groups and only with Facebook Profiles in use session mode.

    Do you have a suggestion how to resolve these issues.

    Otherwise I would request a refund.

    The problems have now been solved with the issue of the latest Version 4.3.6.

    The plugin works well and allows complete control of auto-posting to many social platforms including Facebook profiles, pages and groups, etc, etc. Auto-posting can be scheduled and limited to different post types, categories, tags, etc.

    It is probably the most versatile auto-poster available as a WordPress plugin.

    Highly recommended!

    Wasting time to use this plugin

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