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  • Wow, looks great

    Wow!! Nice job!!

    I love it! It is sooooo pretty 🙂

    Really nice! I’m wanting to do one of the same things you did, place images in the menu. How’d you do dat?:) Your colors and organization really work well together.

    thanks for all the feedback guys, glad everybody likes it :)…i plan on collecting together some of the modifications i made so people can check out the code and stuff, i’ll do that as soon as i have some time…thanks again

    that is sweet!! i like the friends list!!

    and how did you get the iTunes going??
    i’d love to have that in my blog.

    the iTunes is done with a great program called iTunesBlogger…I use it to post the currently playing song to my site, and save the last 50 songs in the database…I also make a call to Amazon to get the album cover for the song…I’m going to be posting some code on how I did it real soon, probably this weekend…Check back to the site, or I’ll try to drop you a line…later

    where did you put the iTunesBlogger code? i’m new to wordpress, but have fooled around with a few phpbb forums in my day. i recognize things like footer and stuff, but i would rather have it on the side, like you have.


    well, the iTunesBlogger stuff just posts the currently playing song to my site and then I have a php page that saves the info to a table in the database…then on the front page, i make some calls to the database to get the most current songs, and display them there…hmm, sounds pretty perfect for a plugin, maybe i should get that started…

    it sure is 🙂 iTunes blogger, sweet 🙂

    very nice!!!!

    Cant wait for this! Your I Tunes section is kick BEEP! haha

    if anybody is interested, i posted the iTunes plugin here

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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