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  • I am attempting to nest unordered lists. While the editor correctly displays the formatted HTML, when I save/publish the page, the nesting is completely undone and I have two or sometimes even three unordered lists (with the last unordered list incorrectly formatted).

    Manually editing the HTML does not work, because WP reformats it once it’s saved/published. Anyone else experience this or come up with a solution?

    To view the defunct html, visit

    Thanks for any help you can give.


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  • The only problem I see is the last list item (WordPress 2.0.2) isn’t in a list at all. The <ul> is closed right before that <li>. Where is the nesting you talked about?

    Things you can try:
    – disable the wysiwyg
    – in Options > Writing: Formatting – uncheck the “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” box

    I know that the last item is not enclosed in the <ul> set. That is part of the problem. WP Editor reformats the HTML when I correct the code to place the </ul> tag in the correct location.

    I will turn off the option to have WP correct invalidly nested XHTML, fix the post, and thurn the option back on. I do not want it turned off because I don’t know who might screw around and put bad HTML in their post.

    Thanks all for the suggestions.

    Disabling the option “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically,” fixing the HTML, then re-enabling “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” worked.

    Actually, having the wysiwyg AND the “automatic correction” turned on… causes you much more problems than you’d think. Definitely more errors than anybody could make manually 🙂

    I’m having some problems with my text being to big. I think it has to do with the WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically option. I turned it off, but nothing happened. The text did not display like this but after me turning this on then it happened. I’m not 100% sure it was that, but that’s my guess. If you guys could check my site out here to see if you can find the problem. Please help if you can.

    “Too big” is a vague definition of the problem. Big – compared to what? What browser?

    I see everywhere the same size of text, nothing out of ordinary in FF.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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